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Federated Management Group,Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Jacksonville
Address 7855 Argyle Forest Blvd #401
Phone 904-730-8060

Federated Management Group,Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 27, 2016

We rented a house from Federated (we were told it had been a foreclosure after we signed the lease) and the house was in a state; toxic drywall, infested with ants and bugs, leaks, dangerous electrical problems etc. After 9 months we couldn't take it anymore and broke the lease. We did, however, leave the home in much better condition than when we moved in.

Rather than apologizing they attempted to charge us for all the things wrong with the home when we moved in, which we had to suffer while living there. The icing on the cake was a 10,000 dollar charge PER PERSON for breaking the lease.

We had a lawyer dispute the charges in a timely manner (we had before and after pictures, emails validating all the repairs we had requested, a 3 page inventory form we had filled out and more) and yet Federated ignored the lawyer and hired a collection agency who has harassed us and marred our credit.

This is an expensive and time consuming nightmare (lawyers fees etc.,). After reading reviews and complaints on the BBB and yelp, it has become apparent that Federated's predatory practices have been experienced by many. They have been described as "fraudulent, abusive and predatory".

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