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Federal Warranty Service Corporation

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address PO Box 105689
Phone 8002830785

Federal Warranty Service Corporation Reviews

  • Jul 23, 2018

Need service on Kitchenaid Range Model number KDRP462LSS07 XS4806427. Local qualified Repair Company (Fortil Co, Winslow, Maine) not reconized by Kitchenaid Service. We have used this service co. over the years with excelent results. Presently Kitchenaid tells us they presently have no service Co available in this area.I want Federal Warranty Service Co to honor Fortin repair cost directly. I need their contact information to put this in effect. We have paid up insurance until 01/17/2019.

Please advise what steps we need to take to cause this to happen.

  • May 1, 2018

Renewed an existing contract on our washing machine, this time for 60 months. Contract cost 477 dollars plus change. Eight months to go in the contract, with no repairs needed during the previous 52, our washing machine stopped working. Confidently got out our SERVICE PLAN paperwork and called the number. Was informed that I would get a call back in 2-3 days from an "alternate resolution specialist". On a Saturday as we drove, ironically, to a laundromat, the call came. Our claim was being denied because our unit was too old. It's "install date" is listed right in the contract. They knew how old it was the day they accepted payment on a five year service plan. Also, take note, neither of us have any idea of what it's issue is. It's just going to cost too much. Their offer is this:. To BUY OUT the contract for 168 dollars and change. Inwardly knowing I will never "confidently" call them regarding the dryer, I asked to have it added to the buy-out.

They were adamant that the dryer cannot be bundled. Reluctantly I agreed to the buy-out stating that I'll have someone fix it myself. The heck with them. NO! I'm told that if I accept the buy-out offer, I relinquish the washing machine to them. Without knowing it's issue I said I would call back. Today the machine is working like it should. The bill was 225 dollars. Not a whole lot really, but since I'm misrepresented by my Maytag Service Plan, it came out of my pocket. After a phone call to Federal Warranty Service Corp today, I'm still being offered the buy-out so it seems, as one of my TWO options. Receiving a check for 225 dollars is NOT one. They are offering me that 168 dollars to buy out our contract, but feel, in their reasoning that the washing machine I payed 225 bucks to have fixed, now belongs to them. In order to avoid screaming obscenities I opted to hear the details of option 2. Option 2 is CANCELLING the contract for 15% of my plan purchase price minus administrative fees, minus this, minus that....figuring real quick that this would result in roughly pocket change, I told the representative to put me on the list of EXTREMELY dissatisfied customers and hung up. I feel I have been blatently ripped off by FEDERAL WARRANTY SERVICE CORP and MAYTAG Extended service plans

  • Jan 12, 2018

At first, they denied we had a service contract; then, I read them the service plan number. The rep quickly changed her tune, agreeing we did have a contract. Next, we were told a repairman would be out in three days. Later, we received a call saying that no repairman existed in our area. Since then, we have been held on the telephone for waits of thirty-nine minutes or longer, refusals to give us the name of a CEO who might help, and a host of other excuses. Once again, they are unwilling to honor the service contract.

Briefly, we have a service contract,#389518013, on a Whirlpool washer. This extended warranty expires on 02-07-2019.

Repeated calls have been made to 1-866-576-1660, and the probllem has been discussed thoroughly. Each time, we have been advised that the repairs will be made. Days pass, and no contact comes from the company or a service repairman.

Representatives refuse to provide a CEO's name and telephone number so that we can voice our complaints to management.

Once again, our washer has leaked from the bottom, ruining a laminate flooring. Our calls range from January 2 through today, January 11,2018. We need something to be done with our washer.

  • Nov 29, 2017

I purchased a 3 year Plan covering my Maytag Washer and Dryer. When the 17 year old washer was deemed irrepairable I was given a $200 settlement, then learned there would be no refund of the $109 balance left on its coverage. Settlement amount according to the Product Coverage section states they will pay 25% of the purchase price of a replacement product. I felt that was reasonable in spite of the fact that a top of the line washer today cost as much as $2,000. What they don't say until asked is there is NO REFUND for the remaining, unused term of the Service Plan. I'd call that a

  • Aug 20, 2016

Called Federal for repair of my cooktop. Rep located problem and ordered parts. Later was told parts no longer available . Called Federal back. Was offered the following DEAL. 1. Check to cover potion of new cooktop 2. Access to whirlpool web site in order to purchase new cooktop at discount (very few choices and even fewer of the size I needed) 3. The local repair service would come out and hook up new cooktop. I ask the Federal rep twice and my husband ask once about hook up and we were assured that would happen. We accepted the deal Called Federal to set up an appointment for the hook up. Per a written script I was told no hook up was covered. I ask to speak to a supervisor and again per written script was told no hook up. I went through the 3 point offer several times and was told no hook up covered. I told the woman that it was not my problem what was customary but here was the deal offered us. Same reply. I still feel that Federal of Rapid City,SD should uphold their deal offer. I might mention that when I purchased my new cooktop I was asked if I needed someone to hook it up and I declined based on my agreement with Federal.

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