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Federal Relocation Services, LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 9507 SW 160th St STE 220
Phone (855) 690-0570

Federal Relocation Services, LLC Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2018

I just used them for my relocation from Los Angeles to Dallas. My belongings took 30 days to be delivered, my TV was stolen and my stuff was damaged. Please do not use them. This was my experience.

First and foremost they are a Broker company, not a moving company. When you speak to the sales agent, they will try to portray that they are not by letting you know they only have the best movers who are trained for certain amounts of time etc.. untrue.

After I discovered that they were a broker company, they told me that they only use 12 moving companies and they have to have great reviews... also untrue. They give you their best price and sell you on the 'we quote by item not by square feet or weight'. This I found out doesn't matter at the end of the day because they way underquote you and don't communicate anything to the moving company.

My movers arrived and immediately told me that they underquoted me and my stuff took up more space then I was sold. So the same items I was quoted for were now taking up to much space. They told me it would be $800 more to fit everything. I definitely didn't allow that and insisted they fit everything that I was quoted for.

Jack, my FRS agent was adamant that if my first available date was 12/27/17, it would be there within 2-3 days tops. My belongings where picked up in Los Angeles on 12/20/17 and were not delivered to my Dallas home until 1/20/18. Moving is already stressful enough, you do NOT need to work with people like this.

Furthermore, the A+ moving company that they promised me was GARBAGE. They have a whopping 1.5 star on yelp -- MOVE ON MOVING formerly Vegas Valley Movers --ā€¦.

When my stuff finally arrived, I found that my 50" tv was lost/stolen & my glass table and $350 floor lamp where damaged. The agents promise to be with you through the entire process but Jack disappeared the moment my deposit hit.

This is a terrible terrible company. Please do your research to save yourself from an extra headache.

  • Aug 31, 2016

Please learn from my mistake and do not use this company. I'll keep it short. Basically they give you a "Binding" estimate that words things in your favor. I.e. If you say you have 75 boxes, they give you a quote for 75 small 1.5ft x 1.5ft boxes. But they don't tell you that. They tell you that they are giving you "extra" space just in case you go a little over. When the moving company (3rd party because they are just brokers) arrives they will tell you it's two to three times as much and demand that you pay 3x's to 5x's as much. If you refuse their service they will berate you but eventually leave. They also have you pay a holding deposit via electronic check (I know Red Flag) but given the stress that comes with moving and the fact that you are looking for the best deal it's easy to fall into the trap. After you've given them the $800.00 to $1,000.00 the customer service turns off. They stop answering phone calls and pretend to pass you around to managers. If you ask for a refund they tell you that it's your fault you mislead them and didn't tell them the boxes would be bigger than 1.5ft x 1.5ft. Then they tell you that it will cost more than $750.00 to hire a lawyer and that it's not worth it for you to do so. Then they hang up on you and ignore your calls. You can call again but they have your number on file so whoever answers transfers you. They do not reply to e-mails (I've sent 6 so far) and if you call from a different number they will say that the refunds only happen the 1st of the month, and they will continue to tell you that month after month. Be smart, learn from my mistake, do not use this company.

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