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FBM Property Management

Country United States
State Texas
City Ennis
Address 1905 W Ennis Ave # 204
Phone 1 972-878-7368

FBM Property Management Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2018

ME: I'd like certain items replaced.

I was contacted on Oct. 30, 2018 via txt and told that Wayne a worker from FBM would allow someone entry to my apartment to take photos on Oct. 31, 2018. No reason was given in message. This in it's self is a red flag. Upon returning home on Oct. 31,2018, I found my trash can in my living area instead of the kitchen, I found my hairdryer and flat iron on the floor in the rest room where they normally sit on the right side of the sink, my makeup bag and travel bag had been placed on the floor next to the potty, where it normally sits to the left side on the sink in that same restroom. I contacted FBM and was given the run around for two days and upon sending them the pictures they said maybe I moved the things and just forgot. I asked them to send me the pictures that were taken and was sent two, in both my stuff was missing from the sink in the restroom and you can clearly see the cords to the hairdryer and flat iron are still plugged in but, were put in the floor and my makeup bag was as well missing from the picture that was sent to me.

I have all these pictures if needed and I would like my makeup replaced as makeup is not cheap. I feel that my personal space was violated and my personal belongings should have never been touched. I also have my boyfriends truckers logs to prove that he could not have been there to move the things either and at any rate he does not have a key to my apartment and only stays with me when he is in off the road, nor does my son and my son has not been for a visit in many weeks. In the future, after this having taken place, I feel they should not be allowed to enter my apartment without me being there. It was very unprofessional.

I want my makeup replaced, I have to buy all new makeup due to cross contamination. I will not put something on my face that has sat on a bathroom floor. I will make this complaint every day until there is something done and an agreement is reached.

I have reported this to BBB.ORG below is a copy of their reply and my responses.

Them : We informed the tenant that pictures would be taken of the home 10/30/18 at 9:09am for the next day. The professional photographer was accompanied by a representative of FBM. The professional photographer and representative did not recall anything being moved. The tenant is claiming that her things were cross contaminated when moved. The makeup bag she is referring to was inside a travel bag as well as in its case. Nothing was left open and exposed. I cannot speak about if her items were moved but they were not damaged. She was also given notice that we would be inside her apartment the prior day for photos to be taken 10/31/18 at 2pm-3pm.

ME: Okay so they have up loaded a picture and as you can see the bag they moved is open and set on the floor next to the toilet, I'm guessing they are under the impression that germs need an invitation. Now There are germs on people's hands as well as restroom floors and I belive its fair to say they should replace the items they touched and placed in the restroom floor! I guess they have no intentions to rectify their wrong doing so I will go public on the situation, that way others are aware of this mess and their lack of professional behavior and lack of accountability! I can only help someone else to keep this from happening to others! This will help others to make a more educated decision on what companies they use. I will also keep coming back to this complaint until they decide to be accountable and responsible for their actions and replace my belongings.

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