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Country United States
State Alabama
City Madison
Address 117 Jetplex Circle – Suite 1
Phone 256.325.0452


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  • Dec 13, 2016

Avoid FBA importer and Anthony Monfet

I am caught up as well. I signed up for the Managed Account Programm MAP in May and never received a product until now. We founded a facebook group in order to exchange and team up against FBAimporter:

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  • Jun 7, 2017

Anthony MONFET is a scammer. it seems i didnt get as ripped off as much as others. All promise to delvier mentoring, packaging up a gat deal, offering to monitor FBA products inside Amazon, offered to get me 12 saleable products and offered me 32 hours of mentoring. all to virtually no avail i got only 10 hrs mentoring. seems morethan others !

i started with him and he was quite good. then he fobs us all off to a new mentor. but no comms about it, no offer to refund, just told we have a new mentor.. i got no products offered from him. i got no moniroting of my product for keywords etc inside FBA as promised. i got nothing he said !

then one day he closes his business. he doesnt answer emails. just ignores us. he can do the mentoring himself but chooses to steal our money , close his business and leave.

i am so glad i didnt sign up for his FBA professional product program where you sent him money for a product that they buy and launch for you. !! seems ppl got ripped off a lot more than me ! ouch.

i still did my money with this creep. but a lot less than others.

i didnt realise he was such a bad scammer. seems everoyne got scammed by this unhonourable guy. what a creep. karma will catch up with this jerk. lookout for his name and let ppl know to come here to review his business ethics!

  • Sep 15, 2016

Beware of falling for Anthony Monfet's perfectly scripted sales pitches. Whether it be in his webinars, Udemy courses, or Facebook. He only cares about getting your money and then ignoring you.

I paid back in January for 32 hours of consulting. I used about 10 of them and then a company turnover happened and I was dropped like a hot potato. Tried resolving this with Mr. Monfet several times in several ways (emails, texts, phone calls, certified letters) but he completely ignores me. I paid $3400 for 32 hours and didn't even receive half of what I paid for. Do not fall for his ripoff company!! He also lost a case of my goods and does not respond to this in anyway either. This guy needs to go out of business. Do not give him your money!!

  • Nov 29, 2016

FBA Importer MAP(Managed Account Program) clients burnt by Anthony Monfet ?

I paid $20K to join his MAP program back in early Oct 2016, they kept giving me different kinds of excuses without any proof of progress.

You can see the details under this link (You'll need a AZ seller account to view):

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  • Sep 15, 2016

In September 2015 after a consultation with Anthony Monfet I agreed to sign for his Supreme Package of 52 hours of coaching, assist in importing 12 items from China, write sales copy etc. The cost was $3795.00. My 1st product was ready for sale on Amazon in early December but Anthony had issue after issue and he didn't get my listing up until after Christmas missing a major shopping and selling time. Coaching calls were difficult to schedule, often cancelled or late. Communication was poor. My Amazon product was doing poorly and the sales campaign wasn't being managed and I spent over $1000.00. I often complained and each time there were apologies and plans to fix the problem, but nothing was ever resolved. On March 18th, 2016 I sent a detailed month by month email outlining the issues and saying I wanted to terminate our agreement. I told him I no longer trust him as he doesn't follow up. He quickly wrote back and offered to accept me in his high end program, waiving the fee and transferring the coaching hours. He promised a contract within the week outlining the plan. He left for China several weeks later and never contacted me or sent the contract. On the return from China, Anthony was no longer doing coaching and passed me on to an assistant, John. He never called or contacted me again. John reported that the contract was being done and my new item was ordered from China. Because I foolishly believed Anthony I paid $2006.00 as 1/3 down deposit. After weeks of waiting for my contract that never came and more excuses I had had enough. On July 8th. I sent a certified letter stating I could not continue like this, I wanted to terminate the agreement and wanted a refund of $4031.46. He never responded to me. My attorney sent a letter on July 25th. Anthony never responded. I have called his office, sent text messages and emails and he hasn't responded. Most of his staff is now gone and he seems to be having serious business and personal issues. I trusted this man and embarrassed that I was such a poor judge of character. He has no common decency. I was patient and willing to negotiate each step of this fiasco of an arrangement we had. Don't go near Anthony Monfet and FBA importer, you will be frustrated, angry and out your time and money. As soon as you pay your money he won't need you and he won't be there. There was story after story on his website review page the same as mine, they have all been removed by him. Anthony Monfet/ FBA Importer have poor business practices, they are unethical and treat their clients poorly. You should stay far away from him.

  • Sep 12, 2016

This company FBA Importer-Anthony Monfet is one to avoid. He failed to deliver products ordered by my company. He also failed to provide consulting services that were paid for. Mr Monfet does nto answer his phones or emails. Currently he has an employee try to diffuse the many customer complaints for similar issues. Once he has your money it is a big problem. I will be contacting Alabama state Attorney general and hope that other customers who have been defrauded do the same.

  • Sep 10, 2016

I purchased coaching services from FBA Importer aka Anthony Monfet that cost $1200. The services were suppose to be scheduled on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. I've met with the coach about four times and after that they would reschedule or cancel coaching sessions. Every time the session was canceled they would provide a new excuse of why it was cancelled. Same old story every time!

Needless to say they wasted months of my time without any value. Their business is built on hype, lies and deceptive practices. When I reached out to Anthony Monfet for a refund he tried to bribe me with some other services that he would offer in exchange for not fulfilling the original coaching service I signed up for.

When I turned down the bribe for other services and demanded my refund he simply stopped replying to my emails. At this point I want others to know to stay clear of FBA Importer aka shady Anthony Monfet and take their business esle where. They have overpriced services and will always try to double the fees on everything they do.

Do no fall for their sales pitch webinars and overpriced China trips, do it on your own and save yourself thousands of dollars!

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