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Favor Delivery

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 1705 Guadalupe St
Phone 512-566-9991

Favor Delivery Reviews

  • Sep 29, 2018

Horrible service, huge unauthorized tip and fees, almost 2 hours to get order

First, the website would not give me a total until the next day. Second, they told me AFTER I ORDERED that they were doubling the usual tip "in order to get more drivers"; Third it took over 35 minutes for the order to be phoned in and then an hour and 15 minutess to be delivered; fourth, they added a 30% tip to the oerder without asking me, plus a $1.89 "processing fee" again without asking me, and because they did not tell me theay had already tipped the driver (without my permission) I gave her a 20% tip, so on a $21.00 order she got over $11, or 50% tip!!! So to summarize, my supper order took almost 2 hours, and my $21 order cost me $34, or 61% more than if I had gone and picked it up myself. When I tried to text them back about this I only got a standard response text. Will NEVER use them again.

  • Jun 21, 2018

2 nights ago I ordered dinner for me and my family through Favor service in Saginaw, Texas as my car was in the shop and we were unable to go get food ourselves. Through the Favor app on my phone I tracked the (very slow) progress. The app told me who my runner was, but after 45 minutes the app said I had a different runner. After about 2 minutes of the app saying that my order was being picked up, the app told me my order had been canceled, and gave me an option to call Favor customer service for an explanation, which I did. After more than 30 minutes of listening to Favor's elevator music, waiting for a live person to come onto the line, the music went silent although the call was still connected. As I waited for someone to speak, I got a text message from Favor saying, "Hi there, We received a phone call from you, but it seems you're unable to hear us responding.

How can we help you?" I responded to Favor's text with, "Why was my order canceled?" After a long wait there was no response from Favor. I then texted a question mark and got no response from Favor. 15 minutes later I texted, "Why do you ask how you can help, just to ignore a customer?"

To date I never received any further response from Favor. So, I called the number from which Favor texted me, only to discover that Favor had used caller ID spoofing (which is illegal), so, aside from the single text message I received from Favor asking how they can help, I was never able to establish any further contact with Favor customer service. I emailed the owner of the company and he has ignored me as well. By the time I was finished with this effort it was too late to order another dinner through Favor or any other delivery service. Thus, my family and I did not get to eat dinner. So, after I gave Favor my credit card information, Favor ruined dinner for us and the played phone games with me, I got on Favor's facebook page and discovered that many people seem to be having a range of problems with Favor -- everything from situations like the one I experienced to unacceptably long delivery times to people being charged for entrees they did not order; with little to no customer service/satisfaction in multiple instances. Thanks, Favor!

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