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Fast Pace Health Urgent Care

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Ashland City
Address 150 Hutton Pl
Phone 1 615-792-2223

Fast Pace Health Urgent Care Reviews

  • Feb 11, 2020

DONT GO HERE. THEY TREAT PATIENTS UNFAIRLY. My husband went there for a check up. The woman he saw had his medical records and was suppose to fill out a form listing his injuries and confirmation instead she falsified his form. She made him wait for over an hour then was literally only in the room with him for 2 minutes...looked at him took the form and dismissed him to go.

The next thing we know his disability is cut off. He had proof of medical records of houndreds of severe injuries including a severe brain injury, a broken neck, nerve damage in his hands to name a few.To the woman he was obviously injuried very bad and this woman for no reason falsified his records on purpose.

She was cold and impersonal with him and her body language was distant. that was about a year ago it took my husband weeks to get his disability back because of this woman working at fast pace it caused both of us alot of stress and unessesary problems. People have disability for a reason and if anyone deserves it it is my husband he was in special forces he has fought hard than anyone for his country and this is how he gets treated. It makes me sick!

We never went back until I had my insurance provider switched to fast pace so I started going to their new location in in the same area different building. Since I started going there for my ashma and birth control prescription it has been nothing but unprofessional incompetence! The men and woman who answer the phone never do their job. They say they will call me back and they never do. I get put on hold for 30 minutes then get hung up on. I get testing done and faxed to them and they never get the fax. It took them over 2 weeks to get me my results for a altrsound that has immediate results.

I made an appointment to see a specific lady to give me a pap. The lady at the desk I spoke with set the appointment and when I got their the lady I had an appointment with was not even there that day. She had her days mixed up and made me waste a trip. Instead I saw another woman named Kristy Dill I told her I was past due on my birth control and need it filled. She told me they cant prescribe birth control. She refused to give a pap test also. She acted like she didnt want to be there and was short with me. Basically blew me off.

I called my insurance and they told me that I can indeed get my birth control at fast pace as temporary care until I can get an app with a gynocologist. So I called fast pace again to reschedule my pap with the lady I suppose to the first time. She was nice to me. She gave me a pap test and aproved my prescription for me. She seemed to understand that I needed it woman to woman or it would throw my body of very badly. It gives me a small amount of hormone that I am deficiant in that keeps me regulated and it also keeps me from having 24 periods a year when I cannot have many of them for personal reasons.

In the mean time I had to go back to get a biopsy scheduled at the hospital. They gave me a phone number to call and make an app at skyline. When I got to my app. The lady told me they were still waiting for fast pace to send them my information...they never sent it to them so skyline had to call fast pace to remind them. It took 2 hours...I waited for two hours!!!!...then on top of that the doctor at skyline tells me she cant do the biopsy. After waiting for 2 hours!.

I had to reschedule again because of fast pace. Waste of time and gas money to go out there for nothing. I finally get my biopsy I call fast pace and they said as soon as the biospy results are ready skyline will send it to them and call me with results. Instead I get a phone call 3 weeks later from skyline that I need to make another app to get my results. So not only did I waste a trip. I couldnt even get my results when I was told by fast pace that they would get my results to me...they never called me. After that I decided I willnever call them again they never do what they say and some of the men and woman who answer the phone are rude and sound so unhappy.

I get a call from walgreens that my birth control was cut off. I call fast pace. This Kristy Dill gets in the middle of my prescriptions and cut it off after it was already aproved. She was rude to me on the phone. Wouldnt give me an explanation. Said I needed to see a gyno when I just had a pap test there a month ago. I called my insurance they said once again that I can get it temporarly until I find a gyno. My app isnt until after I need my monthly birth control and fast pace wont let me get my prescripion I need for no reason. They are allowed to give it to me and they wont. Completely rude and unprofessional.

Nothing goes right here at fast pace they do not know how to treat their patients and do their job respectfully. I have been nothing but respectful and patient with them they kept blowing me off.Im not patient anymore Iv had enough! If this is how every one is treated I do not understand how they are still in business. They do not know how to handle this line of work and are completely incompetent. I can not relate to rude employees.



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