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Fashion Week Las Vegas, LLC.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3870 E. FLAMINGO RD, Suite A2439.

Fashion Week Las Vegas, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 28, 2016

Fashion Week Las Vegas, LLC is a total SCAM!!!

Owner Fashion Week Las Vegas & Shimmer Magazine Milka Von Rhedy will RIP YOU OFF! She is a SCAM ARTIST, CRIMINAL, FRAUD, and a RIP-OFF. If you are a model, designer, sponsor,..etc. Do yourself a favor and run away! She will will lie at anything to get your money and you will not see a dime. She will SCAM you by proposing an extravagant venue, buyers, media, and many made up things just to get your money.

Her and all of her affiliates are fake and everything she says is a LIE. Many international designers have came fallen to her scam and have been devastated. No real models, no buyers, a venue at a abandon small office, and worse.

Please Google and do a search on Milka Von Rhedy and you will see an extensive amount of victims that reported her and how she RIPPED them off and destroyed their hopes and dreams in the fashion industry. There are many victims so please don't be tricked. There was also a local Las Vegas news segment about Milka Von Rhedy's SCAMS.

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