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Farewell Vacations

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Phone 1-844-255-5530

Farewell Vacations Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2016

My husband rec'd a fax for a promotional vacation at his work. We have traveled on several of these in the past thru other companies and so we decided to purchase a cruise package with airfare from Farewell Vacations. We put $250 down and was told when we were ready to send in our dates that $69 booking fee would have to be paid per person. Sebastian who we spoke to had told us that all adults over 21 had to pay the $250 and children were free on the cruise but they would have to pay for their airline. The cost of the vacation was $249 and we would be responsible for the port fees and that total our package per adult would cost between $547 and $610. He said that we could travel anytime other than 7 days before or after a major holiday. We told him we were wanting to travel Dec 10th and he said that is no problem and we could travel out of the Tri Cities Airport close to where we live if Delta flies from there. There ended up being 11 adults traveling and 3 children. So we had paid $2750 by checking acct and $759 money order for the booking fee. So by what Sebastian had told us we figured we would owe about $350 more per adult and up to $500 per child for their airline. When we received our quote back from they said we would each owe (including children) $1558 MORE each! They said if we would travel in October in off season, take NO children, and fly out of a major HUB then it would be close to what Sebastian quoted in our original conversation. They said whatever to get us to purchase and then because after it had been 72 hrs we could not cancel. So basically they gave us the bait and hooked us in to pay the deposit and booking with no intentions of us traveling asking for $18,000 more. There were no complaints with this company on the computer in Jan when we purchased but thats because we found out the website got up and running Dec 15, 2015. Now 19+ complaints on them. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I ask that you do the same because the more complaints there are the FTC, their attoneys will get involved. Their # is 202-326-2222. Also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau too. They are the ones to help us get our $ back.

  • May 6, 2016

I was notified by Kelly wih farewell vactions . She offered me a vaction for a 5 day cruise with flights included for 2 ppl for $750.00. First we had to pay $350.00 then an activation fee of $ 140.00. They informed me, after those payments was made that we will recive a quote. Now the total amount of the trip suppose to been $750.00 now the $838.54. per person. Now this is an additional $838.54 per person. they are a rip off. Also the staff in costumer was very rude and hung up on costumers,

  • Apr 29, 2016

I thought I purchased a vacation with Farewell Vacations, the information was faxed to the company I work for.

Being I work for a large healthcare facility, I thought the Farewell Vacations was reputable, they had our fax number.

I called, spoke with Dylan, and booked two vacations, 3day 2 nights for 2 people on each trip, airfare included. I paid $450 through my bank account, which they processed as an electronic check. I was sent information on how to book and pay booking fees.

I decided to book one vation to Miami for 2 people, paid $138 to book it. They said they will send me a quote, which was only suppose to be taxes for airfare and hotel. I recieved a quote for over $700 per person for this 3day 2night trip. If I did not accept the quote I would have to pay another $25 for another quote.

I contacted you all next. I am very upset these people are ripping me off. I read some reports on this website, in which I should have checked into first. I want a refund!!!! I will continue to contact these people to try. It is really sad how so many so called travel agencies rip people off. I don't recommend anybody buying a vaction by internet or phone, nothing can be trusted anymore.

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