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Family Tree Builder

Country United States
State Washington
City Vancouver

Family Tree Builder Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2018

Jeremy Luciano the current owner and facilatator of Family tree builder is a person whom I've worked with and was introduced to me by someone I trusted and that had lead me to trust him as well.

This was a mistake because of his inability to follow through with commitments to deliver a quality product which he then takes zero responsiblity for and demands he be paid regardless of the fact that it is his irresponsiblity and the money that he has lost your project that is why he is not getting paid.

I personally have been burned very badly while working with him and the people I know have also been burned very badly while he dodges all responsbility.

He is someone who works exclusively in his own interest regardless of whether or not it ruins someone else. As long as you're taking the heat and damages relationally, financially, etc he will be okay with this. A simple google search of Jeremy Luciano or his real name Jeremy Flitton will reveal to you what kind of person he is. He is a pathological liar and so many of his lies have caught up and piled up that he is now operating under a different name. He will aggressively push toward his goal in negotiation and run you over to get there.

If you were to meet him, he will try to appear on the highest horse in the land painting that his moral code is strict and must be followed by everyone he works with but that all goes out the window extremely fast.

I have lost A LOT of money while working with him and those who are close to me have also lost a significant amount. Readers beware.

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