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Family Dollar

Country United States
State California
City Charlotte
Address Post Office Box 1017
Phone 1-866-377-6420

Family Dollar Reviews

  • Apr 1, 2021

On 03/29/21 I personally had my civil rights violated(Store #11760/store manager "JERIMIAH") in visiting this business. Not only was I refused service based upon my religious belief but also my medical condition as well. The store manager(Jerimiah) removed the item from my hand and directed me to leave the store.

There was also an employee "Alex" threatened to call the police if I did not leave. I can go into more details when contacted by Family Dollar representative. Entire incident was captured on video for my protection and legal record.

  • Jun 27, 2018

Family Dollars Store Number #03706 1800 S. Burlington Dr. Muncie, Indiana Phone:765-747-0564 I Dominique Sandra Lax African American female went shopping at this particular family dollar location. I purchase my items stood in front of the store because I was waiting on the public bus to arrive. While outside of this very small town, not crowded store. I was listening to my phone radio with headsets on and was singing to the music. I were approach by the police, not having a clue on what's going on. The police was asking me where I lived, "we just seen you just sitting here and what are you doing just sitting here". 'Why are you just sitting here because the police was called". I responded to the officers question, "I want to know what's the problem" have I committed a crime if not, I would like to wait here for the bus and have my peace". 'I don't understand why the police was called". The officer went inside of the store, came back out, hand me my ID and said, you have a nice day". While waiting on the bus. I went in to speak with Crystal assistant manager because the police told me that Crystal had called the police. Ashley the cashier wasn't in the store at the time. Ashley said " I'm not welcome back in the store or shop at the store. I ask 'why, what's going on. I just made purchases as a consumer a customer. I asked Ashley was I trespassing? Ashley the cashier said yes and I'm not going to argue with you". With no sound reason beside two white women form of discrimination against me as a African American female customer. I went home inform my mom about the incident. My mom is a Paralegal. My mother called to get a clear understanding of the incident and Ashley to my mother to report to whoever she need to report it, call whoever you need to call" I'm not going to argue with you". Then Ashley the white cashier clerk said. "The police was called because a customer had heard her singing out loud while waiting for the public bus. The white male customer said he was concern about me singing to my phone music. All parties beside myself were white. I purchase items only to have family dollars white employee's treat me in such as way. The Muncie Indiana bus route drop off and pick up in front of family dollars. Why was the police called? No reasonable explaination. Just gave my money to a store with racist employee's. I feel rip-off as a customer and may I remind you of the time of day. 3:00 PM I was waiting outside the store where the bus pick you up also please note. In this small Muncie Indiana town this particular store is isolated and hardly have any customers kicking down the doors being jam pack. In other words, it's not a store that have a constant heavy flow of traffic for my singing to my music to have caused any harm in the right to my FREEDOM OF SPEECH to sing in public. This family dollars is located by a MARSH that's closed down for business.

  • Mar 11, 2018

Family Dollar Store at 2424 Old Buncombe Road Greenville South Carolina 29609 falsely accused me shoplifting. I went to jail and was house at the Greenville County Detention Center for 2 days. I had to get a bondsman to get out of jail. I called the Family Dollar Store and spoke with a manager and I asked could I come in and talk with her cuz I was nowhere near that location on that day.

She had a very nasty attitude she laughed at me and hung up the phone. I have photos and witnesses stating that I was at home in Anderson at the time they said I was shoplifting. I also spoke with the police officer and he said they pick me out of a photo lineup. The incident happen on February the 11th 2018 they did not do the lineup until February 28th I was not arrested at the store. I have been trying to call the corporate office and there have been no answer . I lost my job because theft /shoplifting is on my record.

  • Aug 12, 2017

I was red flagged after having my manage call and ask me where I was when there had been no schedule put out. She was aware I was in the process of getting my own place and knew I would have been there if I had known. She was upset that she was unable to start her vacation early so to punish me she fired me and made sure that I was red flagged. I worked almost 2 years for her I worked ever holiday and my sons birthday and was only aware of this after applying for a job.

  • Feb 27, 2017

I went to the pai iso atm @ family dollar @ 715 E 8th Ave, Munhall, PA 15120 and i put my access card in the machine and once i put the amount in that i wanted to take off the machine made the sound as if the money was getting counted and dispensed but no money came out and it was took off of my card. I have the app on my phone that shows my transactions.

  • Jul 16, 2016

I am a current employee (assistant manager) for Family Dollar in California. California has strict labor laws when concerning meal break periods. I was informed recently that despite the law stating I must be relieved of all duty to during my 30 minute meal period, I would still need to clock out. We are short staffed at my store. With two permanent ASMs and one being current store manager. Due to Family Dollars policy of a manager always needing to be on duty, we are not allowed to leave the building during our lunch and we must me available to answer the phone or perform a manager related task for a cashier if needed. California meal period law states "an employee must be relieved of all working duties during their 30 minute meal period". If that is not possible then it is considered an on-duty meal period and we are to be paid for the 30 minutes plus and additional premium of 1 hour at our normal rate of pay. I was told yesterday that the company likes to see that we are at least trying to take our breaks and I am to begin clocking out for 30 minutes, still not able to leave if I choose, must remain available. And at the end of my shift I then take the premium. Which is supposed to be an additional hour but turns into 30 minutes because we clocked out. I have tried to explain my position but nobody seems to care. I am at a point now that if I am clocked out I feel I am able to leave to get lunch if I choose, however doing this and being the only manager is grounds for termination.

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