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Falcon Transport Co.

Country United States
State Ohio
City Youngstown
Address 4944 Belmont Avenue
Phone 800-935-4452

Falcon Transport Co. Reviews

  • May 9, 2016

I was hired to work as a local shuttle driver in Grand Prairie, TX. I just.completed orientation. I drove from Ft. Worth, Texas to Nashville, TN and back, approximately 1500 miles, in my own vehicle on my own dime. I attended orientation Tuesday morning, Since no one told me the address or the time to show up I basically had to research the address on the company website and show up at 7 a.m. hoping that was the right place and time. When I pulled up to the terminal I thought I was at a junk yard until I spotted a couple of their tractors in the back.

My first concern was seeing many of the employee cars parked for so long they had flat tires and an inch of dust on the hood meaning drivers don't make it back to the terminal for home time very often.After being told the actual start time was 8 a.m. I left, puchased my own breakfast, and returned at the appropriate time. Orientation was the usual videos and question and answer, then it came to the road test. Immediately noticed the tractor was an automatic in which I immediately advised I've never driven one, that I have only driven 10 speed manual.I was not comfortable driving it but they forced me to drive it anyway for my road test.

As I pre-trip the Combination vehicle, Not only was it in such disrepair that I would have put it out of service but the trailer plates and registration was also expired for about 3 months. That's usual enough except the trailer was loaded and they wanted me to drive it anyway for my road test. I advised that I did not want to pull a loaeed expired trailer as I would receive a ticket if I was pulled over and reluctantly they allowed me to drop that trailer and hook to another that was not expired. In the pre-trip inspection I discovered the truck had no oil the fuel filter was full the fire extinguisher was not charged several of the Hub seals were leaking there was a major oil leak, the break pads were worn to the metal, there was chunks missing from the steer tires, and the permit book was completely expired; insurance card; cab card; permits; all expired and this was a newer 2015 International with less that 50,000 miles.despite my inexperience with automatic transmissions, I passed the road test with flying colors. Of course this is not my reason for a poor rating with this company.

When I returned home is where it got truly unprofessional. I was assigned a truck in which needed to be recovered. The equipment desk gave me the phone number of where the truck needed to be recovered.When I called, they were a collision repair shop. The shop told me the truck was wrecked and repaired and has been sitting there for a month and a half.....not to mention that it was approximately 60 miles to where it was, in which I needed to find my own way to it at my expense... so far it has costed me 300.00 to work for this company. When I called to find out what recovery pay they were willing to pay me, they advised they would have to ask my driver manager but to go ahead and get the truck.....of course I still have no driver I'd number or driver manager so I advised I will not go get the truck until I speak to the DM.

I Received a call from a person and I asked him if he was my driver manager and he said he didn't know because they had some employees fired recently so he had to check.....He then asked me if I was running dedicated from Grand Prairie to Memphis and I advised no, that I was a local shuttle driver in Grand Prairie home every night working 10 hours a day 6 days a week as agreed with my recruiter. He advised me there were no such positions available in Grand Prairie Texas and my only choice was OTR dedicated to Memphis. That's where I got upset. At that point I called my orientation manager back advise this to him and he said he would have someone call me. I received a call from two recruiters and the director advising me to go OTR for dedicated to Memphis and I advise them that was not my agreement nor what I was hired for. They told me the position I was hired for will not begin for at least 2 weeks due to loss of contract. That's when they told me the Memphis OTR run paid $0.32 a mile when I was hired at an hourly wage.I advised that I have made more than that coming out of driving school and that I did not agree to such a low pay rate per mile and that I only agreed to the hourly rate.I also advised that I had turned down a much higher rate per mile for OTR to accept an hourly rate for local only.After many attempts to get me to agree to OTR, I finally advised them to call me when the position I was hired for is available to start, and only then will I bear the expenses to recover their truck, IF I am still available.......

  • Aug 20, 2015

Ok I got hired to work in an office setting with falcon and they hired me during the interview. The first day I worked there before I completed any assignments or even had any proper training they raised my pay rate by one dollar more than what was originally offered. The very first day was a nightmare the women in my department made it very clear I was not wanted there. The second day was worse and everyday after that got worse especially because I kept showing up. By Wed I did however do a little computer training to learn to navigate their systems by looking over the shoulder of a girl who was soon moving to a different department. As for Mon tues thurs and Fri everything I did was on paper and I know and they know I cannot efficiently learn my responsibilities this way I must learn on the computer after all that's where I would have been working. By Fri I was told that my "skill set" was not acceptable for the position. I have an associate's degree in bussiness. This was not a matter of my inability to preform job tasks. This was personal and it was the worst most unprofessional experience of my life.

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