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Facebook, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Menlo Park
Address 1601 Willow Road
Phone 650-543-4800

Facebook, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2021

I pay 75 le for ads and i dont get few views and no buyers which is the less than minium of the results

  • Nov 29, 2020



  • Aug 20, 2020

Face book is scam i try send up on facebook and there is no phone number to call fix account

and put my cell phone and gave me account it is joke i donot think right to do that went some one to go on to talk friend and family

  • May 5, 2020

Last week I was informed by Pay Pal of a charge to my account for $146 in Facebook ads. The problem is I had not run any ads. Pay Pal would not let me dispute the charge through them because I had agreed to allow Facebook to charge for ads i.e. like a subscription. They canceled that permission and I closed my Facebook ad account so they could not charge me anymore.

I started via Facebook support to dispute this and get my money back. The first rep basically said your name is on the account and this is for ads from April 14-April 28th. I would not have advertised at this time for a couple of reasons. First, I sell lineup cards for baseball and softball teams. I do some advertising from November - February, before the high school season begins. I did my advertising through Google Ads this year because of a bad experience I had last year with FB and phony clicks. The second reason is that I would not have turned my ads on in April because there is no youth baseball and softball because of the Coronavirus. Nobody is going to order until things loosen up.

I went back on Facebook with their support chat. I had 4 agents in about 2 minutes, only 2 of which even greeted me. The chat would say "so and so is joining the chat." Then nothing. or maybe a greeting, but then another agent joining.

Today I finally got one agent who I spent over an hour with on the chat who I think was trying to help. But later this afternoon she said she had escalated the complaint but they would not do anything because it was showing my name as the advertisor. She pointed to where the ad originally was created in February of 2017 and had no end date. I told her I had turned the ads off a long time ago and would only use them a little a few times. I pointed out to her that if she is going on the ad date and the "no end date" time frame, why were there no ad charges throughout this year, especially in March. She noticed that. But apparently nobody with any authority has enough brains to realize something is wrong here. I did not nor would I have turned those ads on in the middle of April.

With the pandemic going on and with government courts and stuff either shortstaffed or closed, finding a way to file a suit against Facebook would be nearly impossible I'm sure. Somebody besides me turned on those ads.

Be very careful if you try to advertise via Facebook. I will not use them again. I get more response to a post pointing at my business page on Facebook. I'm sure they may try to shut it down over my complaints here. But this is BS. The agent today even admitted she saw what I told her.... if there was no end date why did they suddenly charge me for ads in April even though I haven't done any advertising (by their own admission) in the months prior? Note in the screenshot that before the April ads that they have suddenly charged me for, there is no ad traffic showing since March of 2019.

Don't advertise on Facebook.

  • Apr 29, 2020

These people act like Gods! They control an aspect of our lives that is way too valuable to be left in the hands of a childish owner/CEO and his stooges.

Last night, while filling in information related to a business page we have posted on Facebook I was interrupted by the log in prompt. When I tried to log back in I was met with a warning that my account had been disabled. All of my posts had vanished. My pictures of my mother, my deceased father and all of my friends and family had vanished.

I attempted in numerous ways to contact this company to ask why? What had I donte to have my Facebook life (of over 15 years) wiped away in one moment. Catch 22. If your account is disabled you cannot log in to access their help feature and there is NO external method of contacting these people.

Hence, I contacted a trial attorney who seems to think that Facebook can be sued in a class action for all of the hundreds of thousands of people they have wrongfully injured. If you would be interested in joining please leave a comment here.

In the meantime, I have lost contact with my mother unless I use minutes on her consumer cellular phone plan. I have lost over 15 years worth of memoried, pictures, friends contacts and more.

To this date, Facebook has not even acknowledged that this has hapened. No contact with me. No warning as to why this action was taken and no way to appeal.

Please, we need to stop these people. They are criminals and money should not shield them from the consequences of thier actions.


Michael Mann

[email protected]

  • Apr 7, 2020

Mark owner operator of Facebook and his sweat shop remove things they decide go against standards of the site when clearly it's my right to freedom of speech and my right to point out what exactly is going on in the world.Picture proof.Decide for yourself im not pushing anything on anyone just giving you the material to read and

  • Mar 26, 2020

Facebook removes all factual post that a person places on the website. Censorship is illegal in America we have our constitutional right to speak the facts: but they protect child predators that go out victimizing children and they also patronize homosexuality which is a mental retardation and homosexuality is a proven tool that these pedophiles use to rape children and they remove any truth you speak about them victimizing children....

You can't speak the truth about any mental deformity about these pedophile groups raping children or Facebook shut you down and then they remove your post and bully you online then they threaten you online when you demand your Facebook account be shut down, they don't shut it down for a month and when you make a comment they keep it up for 6 months while they Cyberbully people. It is communist censorship Facebook

  • Mar 16, 2020

I deleted a business page. I had bought advertising for one period 10 days and the only people that were driven to my account were fake troll accounts that did nothing to help my business. And the ads were only supposed to run for 10 days anyway. That was more than a month ago that i deleted the page.

They kept trying to charge my business account debit card for future ads and each debit got the account was going to be closed eventually. I deposited money there for the last job i got and they charged my account again. But the ads were already deleted. And they refuse to give me a refund saying there was no "fraud" on the account.

  • Jan 5, 2020

I add a man to my list for some alleged civil debates and he dislikes trump. So this group of ppl from this Nick Stanley guy label and stereotype me as a rapist and "an orange d*ck sucker" for supporting trump. One guy went as far as to telling me I should do the world a favor and kill myself.

That guy got ZERO punishment and I'm currently on a 30 day suspension as get this...the alleged rapist(me) and orange d*ck sucker didn't say nice things back....I turned in the guy redundantly for "sexual explicit nature" to Facebook...they told me that post violates nothing on their rules...funny, then why do u have that category about sexual explicit?

One lady told me I'm only a lonely loser who gets no pu**y and she told me she could f*ck me if she wanted and can f*ck any man... so I called her a w***e, congrats... Facebook defends that lady...for bullying me and basically calling her ownself a w*** guy started I commenting about my breasts..I told him big deal I workout..

I told him to leave me alone I'm not a f* Facebook once again comes after me...even though this guy jumps into a convo telling me I have man titties and I retaliate back letting him know I'm not gay...oh and the lady I called a w***e...was calling Melania a w***e for a magazine so it's not like these ppl are any better...

if not ten times worse for bullying...I don't believe in blocking ppl because that means they got the best of me...but the man who told me to kill myself..CONTINUED to attack me...even committing libel telling everyone I'm homophobic even though I have gay friends... Facebook allows sociopaths to continue attacking ppl after he said to kill myself...and blocks me for 30 days?

I take great offense to "kill myself" as I had a cousin kill himself...Facebook isn't about what's wrong or right...they just are biased to protect certain ppl for certain reasons...I'll post pictures later

  • Oct 17, 2019

Yes i have been trying to delete my account for a while now and it wont let me do it everytime i try i get a error or the page freezes.

Its like im being trapped into keeping this certain faceboook page for some reason.

Can you all please make them delete my account asap?

  • Oct 9, 2019

This is complicated: I am a member of Facebook and have a Facebook Shop. Facebook has a MARKETPLACE which is separate from my Facebook Page and Facebook Shop. In that MARKETPLACE you can post items for sale and the seller has to meet you somewhere to pay for it and pick it up. Facebook MARKETPLACE has a system called “checkout with shipping”. However, this checkout form is not automatic and I was trying to find out from Facebook how to add this application when I sold items.

Because Facebook (FB) does not provide a service to talk to an actual legitimate person you have to rely on MARKET INQUIRY SUPPORT IN BOX. You send them an e mail and they respond. I did this and no help. However, they did inform me to use FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE HELP CENTER. Post my question and wait for an answer which I did. This allowed FB employees to set up a scam to defaud.


Post on Facebook Marketplace (FMP abbreviation in this document) Help Center request for Help from the FB community in solving the problem of selling an item with “checkout with shipping” (Exhibit C)

I received an answer from a Kristyna"FB team” Exhibit C and she gave me the phone number 1-888-482-4424 for FB Help and Support

Exhibit F confirms that the request for help was posted in the FB Help Center

Oct 7, 2019 3:18pm

Received “A New Reply from Facebook Community” giving me the phone number 1-888-482-4424 will tell me “How to Set Up A Facebook Store with checkout” Exhibit A

Exhibit B is a screenshot showing where the email originated

From: Facebook ([email protected])

Mailed by:

Signed by:


I called 1-888-482-4424 said they were the “Code Activiation Division” and explained how they needed to connect my selling of FB to their server and that the server would make the connection in order to sell “checkout with shipping” I think they guys name was Mike


Transferred me to Ronnie Williams X 2211 Billing Manger (323-693-1699 X 2211) or it was someone calling himself Alex Cooper 323-693-1699 X8004. However, through the whole scam talked to both of them.

It was said I need a Steam Card from Walmart or any other store. I need one card for $50 to activate the transaction. I said I could not do it until 2:00 pm. He then asked me what time I had and I said 10:50 AM and he said that is the time I have 10:50 AM and I asked him where he was located and he said Menlo Park, California. (significant because he was calling from Facebook, Menlo Park, Ca, Facebook location)

When I got to Walmart call him. Called him at approximately 2:00 pm got one Steam card for $50. The person I was talking to at this time was Alex Cooper 1-323-693-1699 X1699.

However , he said he made a mistake I need three cards at $50 each and he was on a time server and had to complete the transaction before the server “timed out”. Gave him the card numbers but it failed and his computer timed out. I needed to do it over with 3 more cards, so I did and gave him the numbers. He said ”not to worry” Facebook at the last stage would refund all this money.


At approximately 2:30 transferred to Ronnie Williams, Senior Manager FB Administration I think his phone number was 323-693-1699 X2773

He said I need to by 3 ebay cards for $100 each to pay for the service. I did that however when I returned he said he made a mistake and I need 6 more cards at $100 each. I said no way.

Said I wanted to know if they had a legal department and he said he would handle it. I aksed him for the address for the legal department and he gave me the Menlo address. Then I talked to a Steve Atkins same number but I believe extension 1496.

Told him I was not going to send any more money and that I would see them in court. He laughed and said “FB is too big to sue”. Told him this was not true, and he said I would lose my $550. If I did not finish the transaction with $600.00. I said no.

Then, he tried to bargain with me so I would not sue FB. He said if I gave him another $600 dollars

FB would give me the money back $1200 plus $200 for my trouble. He gave me a claim No. FBTC 11959 and it ended except for a few more call when they tried to convince them to send more money.

There also gave me this phone number 315-201-2773 this number was for me to send pictures of the cards I purchased. I did not.

I believe because FB has set up no direct help line but the only use of emails it allowed employees within FB to find this loop hole to defraud. I came to this conclusion because my contact with FB was through e mails to FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE INBOX and FACEBOOK COMMUNITY HELP CENTER which FB supports and recommends its use to solve problems using FB programs.

The clues were:

E Mails were from FB

FB Marketplace Merchant Inquiry Support Inbox recommended I use FB Community Help Center

FB Community Help Center provided me with the phone number to FB Help and Support

In various conversation with the scam artist there were clues that they were using loop holes in FB to defraud.

  • Jul 17, 2019

“FACEBOOK” charged my debit card $200 for “stars”. What are stars? My federal credit union bank is investigating. I use my debit card to support charities for my friends’ birthdays and money raising for my friends needs so Facebook has my debit card number, obviously unfortunately. This is what some criminal has done. “One sinner destroys much good”, God, in Proverbs.

  • Jul 11, 2019

Face book censors my profile for government it is created and funded by the CIA and or FBI in a joint venture to monitor and control the free flow of information. They use the platform to demonize muslims in America and all across the world while they punsih its subscribers that critisize satanic jews or expose satanic despotism in government. Presently they block me for 30 days for speaking out against pedophilia rape & murder. Face book blocked me two seconds after I posted my comment about satanic jews raping and torturing children. The post which illustrated how catholics tortured woman was not penalized and other subscribers that commented on Muslims stoneing woman was not. In fact every block that I have received is because I critisized jews. Facebook also deletes video without notice or consent that exposes false flag school shootings. They have no way to contac them via telephone or internet . The phone number on the internet for corporate dont accept calls from subscribers. Lastly their is a link that they provide to send them a dispute after they block you violating your free speech right but seemingly they disable the link so the message to them wont go thru.

  • May 16, 2019

Non-English speaking people try to gain access to your computer. They act like they are a customer service for Face Book!

They tell you to go to a webpage (this allows them access), and try to get you to input the verification code. When you input the code, this allows them to control your computer through remote access.

They access and steal all of your personal information!

  • Mar 16, 2019

After adding an advertising account to FB, they annoyingly prompted me upon each login to add two-factor authentication on my very secure login, until I finally agreed. Now I regret the decision. I am traveling and sold my desktop* replaced my phone sim with a new number in the country I relocated to, and got my laptop stolen... so now when trying to log in to my account from a new computer with a new browser in a new country, having a new phone number that I have not yet added to FB, I have absolutely no way to confirm I am the owner of my account through the limited options that FB allows.

They used to have the ability to upload a photo taken with a hand-written code that they provided, which would be reviewed by a real person at some point in the following days... They seem to have eliminated this option.**How can I get past the two-factor authentication when my login attempt with the correct password is blocked as a suspicious login attempt?

I think I need assistance from a "real person" at FB and not their insufficient, incomplete, automated FAIL responses system (which will allow me to change my password, which I don't need to do, but not allow the same process as the secondary method of the two-factor login.

I am hoping someone from FB is monitoring this forum and will respond with a method of adding my new equipment to my account so I can login and continue spending money on FB ads!

  • Mar 14, 2019

Facebook is terrible. 3 months ago someone falsely reported my accounts as fake. Since that time I have been locked out of my accounts on all but one device. I have contacted FB well over 25 times and sent them my ID over 12 times with ZERO resolution.

I use my fb account to promote my business including boosting my posts so I am a both a paying customer as well as a product for them. I am beyond frustration and anger with them. I'd like to be able to use my accounts like I did before the saboteur came along and falsely reported me. It's been THREE MONTHS!

I've reported fb to multiple organizations but they are a giant and immovable organization. I have also tried resolving this issue on my own with the solutions just being circular in nature. As an example I've tried resetting my password and on the page where I am to reset my password, IT ASKS FOR MY PASSWORD!

If I knew my password why would i be resetting it?!! Unbelievable! The amount of aggravation this has caused me is huge. 3 months of frustration and anger!

  • Jan 14, 2019

Facebook Advertising Platform service, meant for publishers and advertisers. This platform had charged me when i was in draft mode. Reasons are below, the Ads are Not Live, which the setting are configured. Yet Facebook system started charging me. I have screenshot the pages to show as evidence that the setting was not Active, yet they reject my valid evidence, and Refuse to refund.

The setting at facebook is faulty, and i have captured evidence that the Ad is :

- in Draft

- Not Publsihed

- switched off to inactive (this one is faulty)

However the button still showed Active.

Facebook refuse to refund my money and continued to indiscriminately charge for Advertisement that is not complete yet.

I had opened a ticket twice for Billing issue, for the Refund. BUT they just closed out the request ticket, stating that the setting is selected by me.

You had a billing issue with your advertisements CLOSEDCase #10217841045567542 and Case #10217839657692846 They charged USD 14 as it was running, and i quickly deleted the Ad before the sum grows. I can see why Facebook is billion-dollar company, the way they indiscriminately charge through the system, and when ticket open under Refund category. It was efficiently closed, without looking at the evidence. They just want to make money using such UNSCRUPULOUS method.

I have attached screenshot evidence (but of course i need to censor my own details in it)

  • Jan 14, 2019

Two Years Ago, on October, I Had Some Spare Money, and Wanted to Give a Try to Facebook Advertisement to Announce and Get Likes/Followers to My FANCLUB Page of Scarday...I Paid Them on that Month about 200TL= 40-50$, I Selected 5-6 Countries Including USA, But What They did is To Select only Brasil, and Serve Ads Only to That Region..

I Had 6 Country Choices but Gotten Only Brasil...This is Not All, I Paid them the Full Money- to What Ad Revenue has been Calculated, on October, but on May, 6-7 Months Later, They Brought me a Screen that I Owe Them another 84 TL=25-30 $. I Wrote them, as It's impossible to Communicate with a real Person- Told them, 6 Month later payment due is Not legal and Not Ethic..they smiled and said Thank You, as Virtual Asssitant.

Now, Facebook, Limits and Changes my own News-Feed, and I even can't scroll to the Bottom. 7-11 News Feeds and That's All.

they are Not Accurate also. The Thing is I was on another Platform-Turkish one, as from I have More than 1 Billion visitors, and most of them Followers, They sank that Site, in good manner or bad, and when I came to Facebook, on 2010 I Think, I've Brought at least 400 Million Followers also.

  • Jun 29, 2018

This is A long story, but to friends & I have been constantly suffering these sorts of issues: Cyber-Bullying, Extortion, Hacking Attempts, Harassment, Identity Theft Attempts (impersonation), Racism, Slander, Stalking & threats. All of these have occurred in multiple places of the internet by A group of criminal degenerate racist scammers who had then started to do their ill deeds on FaceBook against us & even attempted to hack our accounts prior to resorting towards impersonation (Identity Theft?) when they failed. The fake FaceBook accounts had *EVENTUALLY* been dealt with, no thanks to their awful "search" feature. But the culprits behind all of these ill deeds are still active on the site & are using loop-holes...except for one, who messed up & directly made A veiled threat to A good friend of mine. We would much appreciate that theses three criminal degenerate identity-thieving racist scammers be I.

P.-Banned from ever using FaceBook again or at the very least, make an example out of those three by terminating their accounts & up-hold their own words... "". "". "".

FaceBook likes to preach that they are all about "Community Safety", but the way two of their *representatives* have demonstrated...they much rather like to avoid the necessity of enforcing their own rules & regulations (Terms Of Service/User Guide-Lines) whilst making ridiculous bureaucratic excuses, despite the face that more than enough evidence to prove our grievances had been sent unto them. Keep in mind, that this shall be subject to change & WILL be changed to being A positive review once this matter had been more properly addressed. In the mean time, there shall only be this post & two subsequent detailed up-dates in addition to various *links that essentially explain THE FULL STORY about how this all came to be:

  • Jun 6, 2018

Since last month I ve been blocked every day for at least 2 weeks always for the same reason of playing to fast . After checking facebook rules i saw that there is no specifications according to How fast We can play. I wrote them about the matter for at least 6 or 7 times to tell me how fast i can play without blocking me & no answer yet Except they received my complaint & will serve tohelpthemin futur ????

They stop boughtering me for 2 weeks & started again 2 days ago !! Im considering myself discreminated compared to other friends that are playing faster than me & the Take 5 game has an automatic bet & player wich is a standard way of playing in all slots !! I mostely dont use it & playing manually wich is the slowest way to play !!! Hoping they get off my back soon .

  • Apr 13, 2018

After suffering 2 motorcycle accidents that nearly ended my life, I purchased a 1980 Shay Model A in November of 2014 so the wife would not be worried any longer. By February 2015, the only forum used for support of this vehicle was experiencing a loss of information due to using 'free' photo storage services. My friend Matt Hindi, suggested creating a facebook group to supplement the information at the other forum. So, in February 2015, Matt HIndi created the facebook group dedicated to the support and discussion of the 'Shay Model A'. Here is the original URL issued by FACEBOOK.

In time, the group became known as the 'Shay Model (Modern) A' facebook group. Matt HIndi was the creator, and I was the official admin for the group.

Things were going well, and we were adding members pretty steadily. There was a person who I came to know through the other forum who went by the fraudulent name of 'AndyJames' ([email protected]). He claimed that there were other Shay owners who had kicked him out of groups, hacked into his facebook accounts, and justified his reasoning for using an 'alias'. His real name is;

Donald Genio

Darien CT

I was befriended by this person who was overly eager to ‘help’ when it came to the group. He was continually offering to act as ‘admin’ to ‘help’ grow the group. So after a few months, I gave in and granted him admin rights. At no time was this person ever told they were granted ‘ownership’ of the group and its contents. This person was not considered a ‘co-founder’ of the group. He had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the group. His fraudulent profile is what was used on facebook when he was granted admin rights. That was a BIG MISTAKE!

The criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW)’s fraudulent profile is a direct violation of FACEBOOK COMMUNITY STANDARDS; here is their statement taken directly from this link:

We work hard to help keep your account secure and protect your personal information. By joining Facebook, you agree to use your authentic name and identity. You may not publish the personal information of others without their consent.

Using Your Authentic Identity: How Facebook’s authentic identity policy creates a safer environment.

People connect on Facebook using their authentic identities. When people stand behind their opinions and actions with their authentic name and reputation, our community is more accountable. If we discover that you have multiple personal profiles, we may ask you to close the additional profiles. We also remove any profiles that impersonate other people.

This was the basis of fraud that the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) has committed, which will come to raise its ugly head very soon. At no time did the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) EVER reveal to any member of our group his real name/identity publicly. NEVER!

I was just recently informed by Matt Hindi, that In January of 2017, without my knowledge, the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW), contacted Matt Hindi directly using facebook messenger trying to convince Matt to make him the group ‘creator’ of the group; which is not a feature that the facebook product can provide. Matt had not told me this until just a few weeks ago. the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) was attempting to steal the group away from me over 1 year ago.

In support of the Shay Model A and the facebook group, I created a website with nearly 50 different projects to improve your vehicle, and/or correct known problems. This dedicated server costs me about $100 a month to support the domain of;

All of the content on that site was compiled from various sources and is copyright © 2015-2018 Russell B. Davis – ‘ShayModelA’ is also a trademark of Russell B. Davis

The group was founded in Feb. of 2015, and so that is the startdate of the content on the Thrill-Rider website and the facebook group. Keep that in mind.

Things were going well, and we were nearing 300 members. In mid-late 2017, the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) was constantly posting marketing ads from companies such as ‘Speedway Motors’, ‘Mac’s Auto Parts’, ‘Coker Tires’ etc. directing members where they could purchase items for their vehicles. I was doing the same. Anytime we found an item that could be used on the Shay Model A, we shared the information with the group, whether it be shocks, a new steering wheel, wind wing brackets, etc. That was the goal and spirit of the group. There are no OEM parts available for this vehicle since production was halted somewhere around the mid-1980s. Parts are hard to find.

In August of 2017, my 3 year old great nephew was nearly strangled to death by a person sharing an apartment with my nephew and his girlfriend. As a result, the child was taken into protective custody, and my wife and I became the foster parent. This lasted until mid-January of 2018 when he was returned to his parents.

During this time period (August 2017 thru January 2018), I was not frequenting facebook very often. Being 60 years old, having a 3 year old was an exhausting endeavor; facebook was not at the top of my list.

One of our most knowledgable members in the group, Bob Bucala, has a small business and makes custom parts for the Shay that cannot be found anywhere. Bob was ALWAYS welcome to post items for sale that were custom-tailored for the Shay Model A and the members of my group. That is why it was here.

I logged in around January 10, 2018 to discover a message from Bob Bucala declaring that the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) had blocked him out of the group for posting items for sale. the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) threatened with blocking him, and in fact followed through with that because the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) felt that Bob Bucala should pay a ‘fee’ to the group to post items for sale, since Bob made a ‘profit’ from such items. First of all, the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) had no authority to claim such a thing, and charging a facebook member a ‘fee’ for a ‘post’ is against facebook Community Standards. After reading the message, I also noticed, my admin rights had been taken away. I then noticed a person by the name of ‘Ralph Russell’ had been made an admin. I had not authorized anyone to be another admin except the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW). I then discovered, Matt Hindi was no longer a member of the group. Everything was not starting to take shape.

Ralph Russell is 74 years old and was born in 1943. Currently, he lives in Marietta, OH; and previously lived in circleville, OH. Sometimes Ralph goes by various nicknames including Ralph G Russel, Ralph C Russell, Ralph Griffith Russell, Ralph G Russell, and even the fraudulent name of ‘Ed’ Russell. His ethnicity is Caucasian, whose political affiliation is currently a registered Democrat Party; and religious views are listed as Christian. Ralph is married to Betty Clift (spouse). Ralph G. Russell was in the NAVY from 1960-1962.

Bob Bucala had left the group and started another after being blocked by The criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW). He started the ‘ShayOwnersGroup’. We both visited the old forum to alert users there that the group is moving. I was going to simply close my group and alert everyone to join Bob Bucala. While posting our discussion about the new group, The criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) chimed in and replied to our posts claiming, ‘the original group is still there’. Now there are 2. We challenged that piece of s**t right then and there. He then claimed he was ‘out’ and we would never see him again.

The criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) then removed his fraudulent profile) from the facebook group, and left the group in the charge of an unauthorized member ‘Ralph Russell’. Both Matt Hindi and I told ‘Ralph Russell’ that the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) had no authority to remove our admin rights and to restore them. Of course, ‘Ralph Russell’ is now the henchman of the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) and has ignored any/all requests to return control of the group back to us. So now the group has been hijacked through fraud by the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) and his accomplice is Ralph G. Russell of Ohio. Ralph is connected through his ailing wife’s facebook account ‘Betty Andralph Russell’. What a pathetic thing for a man of 74 years of age to conspire in perpetrating a fraud with a wife at home suffering with disease.

Ralph G Russell ([email protected]

IP address is

I then discovered that the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) visited my Thrill-rider website, downloaded my intellectual property content, converted the content into PDFs and posted them in the document section of the group. After doing so, the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) blocked me from the group altogether. I was able to determine this by the IP address the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) left behind when he replied to our challenge of his fraud on the other forum. I examined the logs of my server and found the entries where the content was stolen from my site via the IP address of

In perpetrating this fraud, the criminal Don Genio (aka AJ ANDY JAMES ANDREW) has used the following aliases and the following IP addresses as recorded on numerous posts:

  • Apr 10, 2018

My original Facebook Business page was terminated without warning or excuse. I had over 100 five star reviews, 35k talking about this and thousands of followers. A few weeks later a client asked me if I opened another salon in Tennessee which is when I found out about the first fake page misrepresenting my business.

I started to tell clients don't post or like any business pages with my salon name on Facebook. Then I found another page that misrepresents my salon. They found pictures that I posted online they are offering services that I don't, they welcome everyone to just walk-in yet I do not take walk-ins, this is a reservation only boutique salon. People have been trying to come to my salon same day interrupting guests during their private sessions!

They all say they found me on facebook and it says walk-ins are welcome! I also stopped answering my business phone because of this because the people who call that find me on facebook always call for same day sessions or ask how much services are that I don't even offer! The reason I know they found salon on Facebook is I always ask who recommended.

They terminated new Business page after I reported the fake pages with proof that they were fake. I believe it is someone that works at the company who is also connected to someone or competitor in the city where my business is! They refuse to remove the fake pages. WARNING TO ALL BUSINESS OWNERS: Facebook does not help you! They have already ruined a few business from the research that I found.

  • Feb 20, 2018

We were starting a wholesale business and googled Facebook phone contacts. There were numerous ones, however we called 8554909444 and spoke to Alex and Steve Johnson who required payment to set up our business Facebook account. They ripped us off for $800. Our bank and credit card company tried to help and we filed a police report. I contacted Facebook and Google numerous times to get them to stop these links. Not one answer. There is no legitimate phone number for Facebook.

  • Jan 29, 2018

This is the letter I sent to Facebook Leadership team over five days ago and I have not received not one response.

In 2012, I deleted my account for 5 years and then got back on in 2017 to help a friend promote her book.

I have always disliked Facebook because I see what it does to children socially. I have known it to break up marriages and lower people's self esteem.

However, I have also seen it do great in the business field when promoting your business.

So when I signed back up to promote two of my businesses they accused me of soliciting people to be my friends. I don't have to solicit nobody because more than 3,000 people requested to be my firend within two days.

But my major problem with them is not them blocking me because at the end of the day I'm a hard worker and if I needed be I would knock door to door to promote my business.

I spent $25 dollars in just two days and when my account when closed I had noone to contact to refund my money that was used to promoting my businesses. Not only is that unprofessional but what billionaire company has the right to not have a customer service department to answer questions. Even Apple which is one of the biggest brands out here has the best customer service and can be reached at anytime.

This is not only ludacris but what gives them the right to take advatage of consumer like this.

Hello Mr. Zuckerberg, I’m writing to you bc after I spent hard earned money on marketing with your company and now my account has been deactivated by your team for verication purposes. They first accused me of soliciting followers which I would not do that at all. And now they have shutdown my account all together. I didn’t even use Facebook for over five years due to my religious beliefs. So now that I would like to use it. They want to be so unprofessional and shutdown my account. I need some resolve to this matter. All the best, Ernestine (Tina) Combs

  • Jan 25, 2018

I googled a help number, top result was this number and a link that redirected to listed site. The man was great fun to toy along as he told me to talk sensibly, write things down so I don't get confused again, and definitely don't call my bank or I'll be screwed. John Rodriguez (from pakistan- employee ID fb256zx) who actually was also calling himself Joe told me I sent some transaction thru facebook to a wung le in China. Did I know a wung le? No? Am I sure? Oh no, I must have been hacked said john/Joe. I actually was very interested because he knew some of my Facebook transaction history info but I digress. Yes, I called the number like an idiot but I immediately knew it was a scam when an Indian man in a noisy room answered. John told me to fix my account I needed a Google play card. Had I heard of that? I told him no (eyeroll) and he said WOW REALLY WOW WELL you get them at any store.

Wait, I thought I needed one? No said John you need two worth 50 bucks each. One so we can block wung le and one to put a firewall on my Facebook account. Lol. Okay well I don't have any money joe/John What do I do? He was seriously pissed. He said go get the money and call me back directly as soon as possible. His direct line was 855-490-9444 I said "I'm gonna be honest this almost sounds like a scam." My husband grabbed the phone at this time. He said "hi John who are you with?" John said "I'm with Facebook." "And what's your last name John?" "Rodriguez." "Oh interesting. John Rodriguez from Facebook need us to buy him two Google play cards. Try again john." John then hung up. Oh well. Fun while it lasted.

  • Dec 5, 2017

In 2016 US District Judge Beth Labson Freeman in San Jose, California on Tuesday said a class of plaintiffs estimated in the hundreds of thousands may press their claim that Facebook should change how it handles online transactions by minors. Unfortunately, facebook is violating a court order by refusing to refund the authorized payments. I am now out almost $1,400 because of the ease a child can access facebook payments on the games application without any authentication that it is the cardholder.

Under the court order, FB was mandated to refund unauthorized purchases made by minors...I can't reach anyone and they have refused to refund the unauthorized charges.

  • Nov 24, 2017

I have had numerous online fraud attempts made to me. One was for Speedy Cash for 4K at 5.99% interest. I am in need of supplemental funding to get by while looking for work and I'm aware of most of these loaning companies charging high interest rate loans so this looked too good to be true.

There address is not one of the Speedy Cash locations listed on their website but, the number provided would have a person answer. He went by the name Sam Fletcher at 914 area code and the location of the so called office was in Kansas. They got my bank routing and account number and then placed a deposit which I did not have to sign any loan docs to have this occur but, it was a neccessary step before the $4,000 was to be deposited. My bank notified me via online notice that a deposit attempt for $946 was coming in but, they rejected it because the deposit endorsement did not match my signature and was coming from a unfamiliar address. So, I called this Sam Fletcher back and he then said I would have to go purchase a credit card from walgreens to pay for a processing fee in order for the funds to be transfered. Nothing of this was in their loan agreement and I knew then that it was a scam.

The call I recevied form the Facebook and Google job offers were from 844-383-0476. The voice mail of a younger lady said to go to to fill out an online app to earn 550 a dau working from home. I immediately went to look up careerapply on google and below the .org listing was your notice of this potential scam so I loogged into this site to report it and did not call the number yet.

Looking for a job is now detremental to your own existance !! Can someone please help me ?

  • Oct 27, 2017

I can't log into Facebook.

I keep getting asked to verify account

from my old phone number (201)-207-2978.

I can't receive the verification code.

I can't log in to update the phone number

to receive the verification code.

Facebook appears nonchalant.

Any suggestions?

  • Oct 16, 2017

I bought this glass in Facebook for my daughter, today they charge myvacvountbsttopnplaying $39.95 when they had a deal to only will $6.95 For the shipping as a special they had. And according with the article regular price was $24.95.what an scam I checked the amount in the bank today, and I have in dispute. I hope you can help me is a fraud. Thank you, hoping to hear from you soon thank you again. , Mercedes F

  • Oct 5, 2017

FAcebook stole $180 from me. I had purchased numerous gaming tokens thru various Facebook gaming sites and without any reason, they disabled my account and have refused to let me access the games in which i paid for.

I have written over 15 emails to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] since Aug 25, 2017 when they first blocked my account.

I either want access to the games that I purchased tokens for, or a complete refund.

I thouroughly upset that not a single email has been responded to.

  • Oct 2, 2017

I signed up for my personal facebook account last Thursday and in less than 24 hours they disabled my account without any explanation. I had included photo, background and cell phone number with confirmation coded included. First, they said I inserted a blurry picture, which is not true, and because of that my account had to be analyzed then they disabled the account. Unbelievable!

  • Sep 18, 2017

On Sunday, September 10, Facebook suddenly blocked access to my account with a "security screen" demanding that I enter a "security code." The problem is that they had texted the code to a mobile account that is no longer in service.

I sent many notices to the "help" link in Facebook. I got an autoresponse saying my notice would be "used to improve Facebook."

I reset my password several times and received email notices about that at my yahoo email account. The notices had a return address for Facebook security and I sent several emails explaining my problem and asking that the email me the security code, or just remove the check screen altogether. No replies.

I know my account still exists because I get emailed notifications at my yahoo mail account. These are the same notifications seen in the dropdown menu on my account's newsfeed.

I have made screenshots of all these screens if you need them.

  • Aug 29, 2017

I purchased a Facebook Game Card, at Target & had applied $10 to it. I came home,

scratched off the film from the pin number. I went to . I entered the pin number & it worked. But, there was no money applied to my Facebook account.

  • Jun 19, 2017

On 4/14/2017 I am told that I must open an account with Facebook because I had received unauthorized charges to my bank card to file a dispute with Facebook. I open account and click the link they sent to file the dispute with Facebook, it asked for first 6 digits of my card and last 4 digits of my card and details of dispute etc. I get a Facebook case number (396965031)

• On 4/17/2017 A representative of Facebook responds to me to send in a list of all the charges with the dates and amounts of all the charges that I am disputing for an investigation

• On 4/17/2017 I send in my list with all charges and dates and amounts as requested

• On 4/19/2017 I ask on the status of the investigation

• On 4/21/2017 Arthur- From FB Risk Management informs me that the investigation showed someone used my card without me knowledge or my consent and he has given a refund of all the charges. He also said he removed my card from this person's account.

• On 4/22/2017 I asked when can I expect these charges to get returned to my card

• On 4/24/2017 Rebecca responds she verified all have been charges on list have been refunded by Arthur and successfully issued to card and to allow 7-9 business days for your refund to be received

• On 4/27/2017 I ask again about the returned charges and ask status

• On 5/2/2017 Arthur- From FB Risk Management confirms that he and Facebook had already provided me a full refund on all the charges and to wait 7-9 days

• On 5/8/2017 I wrote back to Arthur with a list of the remaining charges that were left that had not been refunded from the list sent on 4/17/2017, and asked him to check when he had made the refunds on them and please tell me the date so my card company could do a trace and the missing refunds

• On 5/9/2017 Arthur- From FB Risk Management emailed me again, that all the charges were refunded and have been successfully issued to the card and to allow 7-9 business days for your refund to be received

• On 5/10/2017 I send list again and write back could he please give me the date so my card company can trace them

• On 5/10/2017 Rebecca from Facebook responds stating It looks like a family member or someone you may know personally made these unauthorized charges I suggest you contact any person who may have had access to your account and ask them if they've used it. Because our Payment Terms don’t allow for refunds in this case, I'm unable to issue you one.

• On 5/10/2017 I respond with list again and tell her that there was an investigation and it showed the charges were done by someone without me knowledge or my consent and remind her that on 4/24/2017 she her self-verified they were refunded and sent back to my card.

  • Jun 6, 2017

We attempted a Facebook Messenger transfer of $200 to my sister's bank account but received an error message that the transfer failed. Assuming that no money had been debited from our account, we then repeated the transfer which was successful on our second attempt. However, when we checked our bank account, there were two transactions for the same amount on the same date to my sister. We called my sister to determine whether she had received two transfers from us on that date and she checked her bank records and confirmed that she only received one such transfer. Somewhere out there, presumably in some Facebook bank account, is the proceeds from our original failed transaction. We called our bank and they told us that it was a third party transaction for which they were not responsible. There is no way to contact Facebook about correcting this error. I called my niece who works for VISA and she told us that Facebook does not have a customer service department to resolve any issues that may occur with their Messenger transfer service. She suggested that we file a complaint with our bank which is what we intend to do. I find it horribly irresponsible for such a popular and widely used online service provider to not provide some sort of process for resolving such issues. This is not just a failed friend request, this is real money which we consider as stolen from us with no way to amicably resolve the error. I would highly recommend against using Facebook Messenger money transfer until a transparent dispute process is instituted by Facebook.

  • Mar 16, 2017

Facebook has time and again used its vast network of users to gather and keep its data for political and dominance purpose.

One need not be reminded of the overheard accidental conversation between Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg and Chancellor Merkel, to use Facebook to censor news about the Muslim migration crisis. Facebook is willing to sacrifice our freedom values for political alignment. Tehy have in the past red-handedly caught changing algorithms and users timeline data for their own interest.

Why Am I Writing this?

Aside from the above worrying abuse by Facebook. On 15th March 2017, Lately my account has been banned for no apparent reason. I am the sole and genuine owner of this account. Apparently I can only presume, some comments I put out there on Facebook, the open global discussions, are not well liked or "approved of" by Facebook. They sought to BAN my account permanently. Not censor but ban.

In the facebook system, it sought to verify my identity. I was able to answer all the friend recognistion questions without mistakes, or very low error. And upon lastly was emailed by "Facebook Team" (without any identification by this Facebook personnel. Very un-transparent and shadiness by Facebook Team way of approaching us users). The person behind the email request, requested for government ID. To which i had emailed my respond with my Driving License and employment ID, covering my home address and iD number.

That staff replied stating the documents are not acceptable, even though they are my genuine official IDs. Now what is wrong with this situation? Firstly, we have no assurance, as regulations do not guarantee the CONFIDENTIAL DATA are not purged from Facebook database and servers. All we have is Facebook's word for it. The very same company that intrudes on us. Second, the staff is anonymous. We users are sending our private IDs to total strangers.

The staff did not want to entertain, nor use basic logic in their request. This is such because in their compulsory rigid request for identification (which i had given), there is no way they could verify against my Facebook data/photos/everything. Facebook wanted my ID details, photo, DOB. They refuse to check my photo (given to them) against my photo uploads.

Naturally anyone would be frustrated and angry, at how Facebook team are:

1) Holding our data/account at ransom

2) Demanding private ID and uncensored data of ours in our official government ID

3) Demanding photo, ID number, Date of Birth.

4) Refuse to reason with users. Instead choose to ignore, and hold our data at their expense.

5) Using our data uploaded to their servers, and monetizing it for Facebook marketing, which is to say subject to their UNFAIR Terms and Conditions. They are literally making use of our time at Facebook and enriching themselves. YET they are abusing our data. Because they are in a position to take advantage.

We need not be reminded of the past reported cases of Facebook providing user personal information, location, and crucial data about ourselves to Enforcements regarding the Black Lives Matter, and another the documentary showing how Facebook infringes on our privacy, and how Zuckerberg avoided the interview. Many more such abuse.

Start acting now, and slowly move away from facebook.

Spend less time on the platform, don't enrich them. It's a waste of time surfing anyway.

Use other platforms. They are much less controversial.

  • Feb 16, 2017

Messaged by pretending to be the lottery delivery people and they were "processing the paperwork" and it would be delivered in the morning. I ended up sending in $150 for the "filing fee".. Thank God I used moneygram, because I reported Mary Katherine Bonds facebook profile and my Aunts kathy Donigans second profile that just disappeared. My Aunts original profile had been hacked and she messaged me telling me to add this Mary lady and send her money because I was part of the Facebook Lottery. TOTAL BS

  • Jan 14, 2017

On 12/16/2016 - my facebook account was disable for me to verify my name - the FIFTH time i've had to do this in 3 years. I manage social media for at least 6 companies. It is now 1 month later and even though i sent in my documents immediately I still am shut out.

On 12/31 - they billed me for ad campaigns that i had zero control over. I couldn't even look at the matrix. When the owner of one of the companies - who is listed as an editor on the page - complained to FB - and his NAME is the same as the Company page, he was told that they could only speak to the admin and shut down the conversation.

This has cost me -




and at least 1 job.

While I understand the need for transparency - NOT everyone is trying to put out fake news or whatever the excuse of the day is.

The fact that they want us to buy ad space or we get shut out of 'suggested' pages - is egregious -

also - there is not a way to appeal or find out where in the process you are. because in order to do that you have to be able to "sign in" which isn't an option either. - they have been reviewing my documents for a month. I'm punished because my name - IN ENGLISH - doesn't fit their idea of a 'real person' - sorry that my parents (and yes i sent my birth certificate) in 1955 were so amused that i was born with copper color hair they thought it would be cutsey to name me after money.

So Zuck - light a fire under your staff. Get my account back. BTW i sent a bill to your AP dept for the time i've lost and for billing me for ads i couldn't manage. + 10% extra for aggrivation.

  • Dec 3, 2016

As of November 30.2016, Facebook stopped allowing ANY Christian material to be posted. I tried, twice, to upload a video I recorded from my church. I was doing this for a friend. Twice Facebook blocked to posting of this video. I checked the requirements for uploading videos. Mine was within the limits. Apparently, the reason it would not upload and post was due to the nature of the video. With this statement, I wish to let ALL American Christians about this crisis. Gary S

  • Sep 10, 2016

This is at least the second time (I think more) that I know credits were removed from account.

I went to bed with 900,000 credits and woke up with 6000 something.

Recently, I also paid for credits that I did not receive and they refuse to refund

or give you credits because they corrected their own mistake on another ripoff


I will never give them money again. I am disabled and this is the only entertainment I

pay for, but no one wants to do businesss with a company taking money and not

providing service.

  • Sep 6, 2016

I received and unsolicited email from Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates saying i could work as little as 3 ours a day and eard $357 without selling, processing emails or anything in that nature. At 73 i was looking for something to add to my social security about $100 per week and it seemed interesting enough especially when the 2 people involved were two of the richest people alive today..Maybe that's how they got their money ripping people off.

They advertised their program for $47.00 and once youpaid immedialey they hawed you to put up another 97 for the upgraded program and then som more for something else. i said no to the upgrades and saw as box with several videos. i clicked on one and someone started to give me the speil of my life. saing that i will make untold riches etc: i t hen explored the site and found that there were at least 11 more master videos and about 30 sub videos and all of it was mumbo jmjbo and u had to set up a secondary site wth word press and on and on..

i wonder when they were going to get to the make money part becuase all i heard was how to set up another site to make them money and they would let me know what products t advertise and to what groups according to therir demos which i am sure were slanted towards them.

so i called and asked for a refund and the young lady on the line employee # 401 initials MJ no name said i could only get back 1/2 because i peeked at the video. I never knew peeking at a video could destroy it so no one else could use it especailly on the internet. Then when i asked to talk to a spvsr, she said that she was busy with the queue and couldn't talk to me. So i caved in and said give me the 1/2 back but then i said why should i not get my hard earned money back so i called back and was told by someone else that once i sai ok to 1/2 that was it no more , noting i could do.

that is plain horse hockey pucks. if i have to broadcast it on TV (i have friends and NBC Miami i will and i will make sure that everyone hears about it on the internt.. i will put their names all over t he rags they try to sell. thank you

  • Jul 25, 2016

Studied at univ.Of pittsburg won 600000 dollars in a lottery ,number 6 out of 20 winners,batch #2551236002/244 ser#55643451907 tic#5647600545189, send 250 dollars for delivery to your doorstep of your cashiers ck#225792 of 600000 dollars facebook

The scam of winning 600000 in lottery ,being # 6 out of 20 winners katherine g.Hagarman of pittsburgh,pa.,studied at univ of pittsburgh with an accomplise jordan bank with a phone # of760-848-4258,they wanted me to send 250 dollars to receive this 600000 dollar check delivered to my doorstep.

  • Jun 8, 2016

I filed a simple post in opposition to a venomous attack on donald trump, suggesting that the post was partisan and analyzing why trump was not being racist, just speaking his mind.In short order, facebook had banned me for 24 hours.

Then, when i received a live chat and tried to reply to it, facebook acused me of trying to "upload a photo or video that facebook does not allow". The photo i was uploading was of a farm animal, a three legged pig, with a famous story of the pig named bill who had saved a farmers' wife. It is clear facebook was still retaliating against me for the reply in defense of trump. They banned me for 72 hours.

I wrote to facebook legal dept and asked them to reverse their misconduct decision. They have done nothing.

So, i may be required to sue them. However, i wanted the have a record of this incident.

Facebook clearly violated my rights in banning me for a simply reply to a venomous attack on trump, whom though i am not one of his reporters, i feel is being treated inappropriately by paid protestors funded by this george soros from canada. Obviuosly, the paid protestor/george soros have a direct line to facebook.

Clearly, facebook acts improperly towards public opinion that disagrees with mark zuckerberg's politics if a member of the public complains about it. And then, if you continue on with anything at all, he heaps on more days of suspension and abuses you, trying to behavior modify your opinion by harassing you in a psychotic manner. Facebook and mr. Zuckerberg have completely reversed the notions of safety, by attacking any political opinion he disagrees with, while claiming to be protecting the public.

Such shoudl relegate mark zuckerberg to a good long term behind bars, in my opinion. I think it's a crime, particularly trying to accuse people of posting improper photos. Note that i have spent thousands of dollars on advertising promotion with facebook and never violated their terms. But clearly facebook is granting privileges to hitlary clinton supporters to facebook bomb anyone supporting donald trump, just as george soros is paying bernie slanders supporters to assault and pelt trump rally supporters with eggs and punching them.

The behavior of facebook and the soros paid protestors, reminds me of the 1930s and the behavior of adolf hitler's brown shirts, the then growing n**i movement... Funny in that they call us that. I'm jewish, so i'm equally sensitive to the racist overtones of these paid promoters. The one above sent me a life threatening email, which facebook ignored, one of these "dont you ever do that again" typle letters, which from a rap star gangsta type is a death threat.

  • May 27, 2016

Sent a message to me telling me i won money in a facebook drawing. Then she said i wouldnt get the winnings until i sent $400 to them first.

  • Oct 27, 2015

On Friday, October 23, 2015, I was contacted, via internet, by a individual claiming to be Charleen Anne from Facebook headquarters based in the USA, a Facebook Online Coordinator. She claimed to have good news from Facebook. She claimed that by random selection and by automated computer searcher, I won $500,000.00 USD which was made from Online Iternational Facebook Pool which was a new innovation by Facebook Authorities. This program takes place every year and I was the 4th. winner in the promotion. She re-assured me that this was real and legal. she then informed me that she was my claims agent and would guide through the steps to get my winnings. she indicated that my reward was attached to some numbers,o FB-225-8836, FB-962-60, FB-0051/994, and Serial Number (E4AF3748-2015.

I was then told to write them done keep them in a safe place. Then I was given the choice of payment options, check delivery or ATM card delivery. She then asked for my name, address, occupation, phone number, age, e-mail address. I asked her for her phone number and e-mail address. she gave me 210-901-8149 (this is a San Antonio, TX area code) and [email protected] She then posted pictures of past winners. I gave her the information about myself. She then informed me that my check and some other relevant documents would be delivered by FedEx and that I would be paying FedEx for courier sevice. The delivery fee would be $450.00, and as soon as I make the payment, I would receive my winnings at my home by 9am tomorrow morning. I pointed out that FedEx does not deliver on Sunday. I also pointed out that her FB page indicated she lives in California, but the number to contact her was a san Antonio area code, and could she explain the difference? Her response was, as soon as I make the payment, my winnings would be delivered on Monday.She once again posted the same pictures of past winners.

When I questioned her about the validity of who she was, she said that she was telling me the truth and that she was a God fearing human and that I should not let my winnings slip away for being skeptical. She then stated that they giving me 100% assuraheck, she then told me that the nce and that I shouldn't let this blessing slip away. When I told her that I was ready with my check, she then informed me that the payment was now to be sent to Roberto Torres, Delphi, Indiana, USA, 46923. When I failed to respond right away, I received a long text, which included a waste of precious time, fear, and success. she then wanted my decision. I asked her if this was a scam? Her response was, I swear to GOD this is not a scam. Once again I asked her if this was a scam? Her response, Nothis not a scam. There has been no further conversation about the winnings. It should be noted that the last communication took place on the following Sunday.

  • Sep 28, 2015

Hello my name is Billy. I got e message on Facebook from a friend saying I was one of the lucky one to receive $50000. All I have to do is send $500 by money gram to a certain address and I shall receive my check in seven hours by a Fedex truck. I believed my friend and sent the money knowing I would receive $50000. I got a text message from this lady a few hours later saying that the Fedex truck was stopped by the IRS and in order to receive my money I have to pay the IRS there share which was $1500. But I told the lady that is all the money I have to give her. That we are not a rich family. We live by check by check. The only reason I gave you $500 is that you told me I would be receiving $50000 in seven hours. I also told her that I would go to the IRS in the morning to see where my money was and how I could get it. She stated that I should keep this a secret that all IRS companies are different and that she dosen't want to be harrassed by anyone. She told me she is a Christian women that that was not her thing to talk ugly to people. I figured out when I told her I was going to go talk to the IRS and for me to keep it a secret something wasn't right. All I want is my money back or to get this lady in trouble. I want justice for what she did and doing to everyone else. She also took $10000 from one of my other friend. Please let me get justice for what she is doing to everybody. I worked to hard for my money. Thanks

  • Sep 14, 2015

For the past several days I have not been able to log in to my Facebook account from either of my computers. I have searched the internet for any and all solutions I could find, including what Facebook help I could find.

I'm sure that I have not posted or "shared" any content that would have FB "blacklist" me. All of the info that I've found on the internet of people that have had the same problem, but nothing has worked.

All I get when trying to log in is a white screen. I have searched for tech support numbers. There aren't any at all. You would think that a company like FB would have some support. They have over a million(s) sunscribers.

Does anybody have a clue as to what, if anything I could do? Please reply to this report.

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