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Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Phone 801-599-2578

Fabulasharz Reviews

  • Apr 7, 2017

I engaged with Sonja via social media and she was very kind and quick to respond. She said she would do an at home viist to give me a full set of eye lash extensions. She said she had just moved to the valley so was doing them for a $45, when market value is usually $100+. She had pictures of her supposed work on her social media. I had a professional and certified lash artist look at the pictures and she said if it was indeed Sonjas work, it was very good.

At the time I didn't think about it but they were all very professional pictures, almost stock photos.

I was initially alarmed as Sonja's hands were extremely shaky the whole time and she seemed very nervous. Professional lashers need to have a very steady hand to perform this service. Sonja claimed she had drank a lot of coffee.

During the session I started to suspect Sonja was not a certified lasher.

or licensed aesthetician based on the questions I was asking her. She was unable to name the curl or length of the lashes she was placing on my eyes, she referred to them as "small and medium". I was immediately alarmed and told her I didn't feel comfortable completing the service.

When I opened my eyes, they immediately started to burn and didn't stop burning for several minutes. It's true that lash glue can cause a short period of a light burning sensation, but this lasted much longer. She then began to try to pull the lash pads used to protect under your eyes during the procedure and I could feel she had glued my lashes to the pad and my natural lashes were being pulled out, which was very painful.

She charged me for the session and I immediately rushed to a lash artist to have my lashes inspected as my eyelids started to hurt and it hurt to squint.

Upon inspection we discovered Sonja had not glued extensions to each individual lash, but rather strip clusters (these should only be used for one time, temporary use) using huge dollops of glue. She had glued some to my actual eye lid, when they should be glued only to the lash. The lash glue was so clumped my lashes were glued together.

It was very apparent she was not a certified lash artist as this technique was not of a professionally trained lash artist. She was also very deceiving as the lashes she showed me were individual lashes, but she actually put lash clusters meaning she hid the actual clusters from me before I opened my eyes.

Being that I've received lashes for years, upon opening my eyes I immediately knew she was not a trained artist. She touts being a Borboleta trained artists yet doesn't use any Borboleta supplies and knowing Borboleta's training they would have never certified someone using this technique.

I caution anyone from getting an eyelash extensions service from her especially since if they are done wrong it can cause your eyelashes to fall out, your eyes to become infected, or worse, you could lose your sight if the wrong chemicals are being used near your eyes.

Sonja is not a trained or certified lash extensions artist and has no proof of even being a licensed aesthetician, which is required in the state of Arizona.

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