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Country United States
State Alabama


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  • Mar 21, 2017

Caution!!!! do not use this crook. I gave him $5000 cash to purchase 2 sony tv's on 1/18/17. He advised me that i would have the tv's on 1/25/17. That day came & went. He then promised me i would have them on 1/27/17. Guess what. Never got them. Finally i asked another audio guy if he can get me the tv's. He called his supplier & i received them from someone else that same day. I told aron i was cancelling the tv's, which he said no problem. I asked for my deposit back & he said as soon as he gets the money back from the manufacture. Finally he gave me 2 checks, one for $2000.00, dated 3/10/17, & one for $3000.00 dated 3/17/17. Well guess what??? I deposited the first check on 3/10/17 & it bounced. He stopped the check. His excuse was he wanted to make sure that i did not deposit the check early, which i did not. Now it is 3/20/17 & the second check for $3000.00 s also stopped. Do not use this guy aron lewis.Look up all his reviews. They all say the same thing. He does this to everyone. Do what i am doing. Sue him. By law, the worthless check law, you will be entitled to three times the amounts of the bad checks. Do not fall victim to this scam artist. I have also been told that his good reviews are all posted by his friends. This guy is a scam... Aron lewis of fabtech online, fabtech sunrise florida. He will promise you that he can produce the products, take a deposit & have every excuse in the world to jerk you around. He finally is screwing around with the wrong person. File suit against this ripoff & use someone legitimate. Fabtech online is a crook!!!! 5405 nw 102 ave, sunrise, fl. 33351... Call him on his cell if he ripped you off... 954-328-1645

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