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Country United States
State Alabama

EzyGold Reviews

  • Apr 14, 2017

EzyGold,com helpdesk is slow (If they respond at all).

Now this is applies to using the helpdesk after the six month support period is up and asking general questions about purchasing more products or services from the company.

Beware!! You will be fortunate if you get a reply.

I actually had questions about buying more Products/Services from them, but when they did reply and I responded, they did not give me any help with new buying decisions i wanted to make.

Beware!! After the initial 6 month service peroid they are unwilling to answer even the basic questions about provducts or services.

This is unfortunate because I'm willing to pay for more products, but I can't get even the basic support questions about those services answered.

I'm just letting those people who are thinking about purchasing know how support is after six months.

They have web hosting and I want to use there services to host the Software I purchased from them and purchase onother product besides the hosting, but the won't reply properly. It takes days (Sometimes about a week or more) to get s reply from their helpdesk. If they had helped me purchase the new service and product I had questions about I would be very happy. It doesn't take that much to help someone.

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