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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Oct 3, 2018

This rip off company opens mass amounts of email addresses in your name once you enter any contest. You have no access to these email boxes. Big box will give you the passwords etc... but of course you have no way of getting into them, what they supply you never works. So you have no way of knowing what they have signed you up for.

I have been the victim of identity theft 4 times. Penny Payne has used my information. Charles w McCullar has said he lives at my addresses. Both of which are totally fraudulent. I divorced Charles McCullar in 1990 and no contact since that time except to take him to court for back child support. Penny Payne got pregnant by my husband Richard A Payne and both have used my good credit for identity theft. Neither of these 2 people have or had any association with me.

Charles W McCullar never lived in Panama City Florida and i have no association with him except back child support since our divorce. Penny Payne i have never had any association with other than to see her pregnant in divorce court. This company uses your information in a way others can access your private information allowing Identification Theft to thrive. They need to be stopped immediately. You see my posting my name i am not afraid to use my real name Because it is me.

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