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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone (732) 961-0519
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  • Mar 25, 2016

I bought cash (no reciept) 2 ezstreaming tv boxes from a home show in Brentwood New York . When I got back home and hooked it up it was not as easy as the name, one was not operating consistent and was shutting off when it wanted to. The other one had limited content on it compared to other boxes I’ve seen. I decided I didn’t need this headache so I drove back to where I purchased them to see if we could return them, the sales person told me he can't take them back and that I would have to send them back, after some research discovered them to be out of New Jersey and Florida with numbers (772) 202-3720 (732) 961-0519. I am out SIX HURED AND EIGHTY CASH DOLLARS and have 2 GARBAGE boxes. SAVE YOUR MONEY and aggregation if you see a EZSTREAMING box. Do Not Buy Them

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