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Eyeglass Depot

Country United States
State New York
City Brooklyn
Address 3107 Quentin Rd
Phone (718) 635-3888

Eyeglass Depot Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2021

I sent them my very expensive sunglasses (in a hard case so as to not cause any more damage) to have the frame fixed (broken at bridge so glasses were in 2 pieces). At first they were nice, but when I found out they could not be fixed and asked to be returned, the gentleman (Arsenio) got extremely rude about needing to pay to have them returned $12.99 (which was supposed to have included a tracking # when sent back), Once paid, I received no notice of them coming back to me. Tried emailing this Arsenio and he basically stated he hasn't sent them out yet. I let that go but then continued to email and then he sent me an email back (and I have all of these emails saved)-"don't you know how to read"? Really?

Then about 2 weeks later a plain crappy box with no return address arrived and in it were my glasses in a plastic sandwich baggie so that the lenses were allowed to rub against each other and are now ruined ( Arsenio sent another nasty email stating that a plastic bag cant scratch lenses)-well, yes they can if they are sent back the way they were-should have been in my original hard case and sent in a correct box with a tracking number (he also then sent another email stating "who do you think we are, Amazon?". Entered a formal complaint with a gentleman by the name of Jonathan who assured me he would take the complaint to the owner, and also the head of the repair dept.(a gentleman by the name of Alex). Nothing heard from either one.

Myself and my husband have been trying to get someone to talk to about this for over a month and no one will now return any of our calls. So in conclusion, this company got $12.99 from me to ship back my glasses, and they were ruined by the way they were sent back. no hard case, and no communication except for the very rude Arsenio. I would like to see them held accountable for their actions and reimburse what they cost to be totally replaced ($180,00) plus the $12.99 charged for the shipping. At the very least an acceptable apology from all parties involved, including the owner(s) of this company. Worst customer service I have ever had in all my 65 years. Other people out there need to be warned.

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