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Extra Lunch Money

Country United States
State Alabama

Extra Lunch Money Reviews

  • Sep 26, 2019

So I sold content on this website as well as personal items and even though they already take a big chunk of your earnings (40%), they have an incredibly high payout requirement (so they can use and hold onto your money similar to how stalks do) OK whatever. BUT they refuse to pay you your last check (even though it is completely free to write a check) if you haven’t met their requirement.

What credible business does that? At no job will you quit and the writer of your paycheck will tell you "sorry, you have to work X amount of hours before I will give you a check”. No that is fraudulent and theft.

They are also very rude to their sellers and have no respect for them or desire to solve their issues. The way the talk to people is extremely low and disrespectful and they ALWAYS side with buyers who try to scam people on the website. I just want my hard earned check!

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