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Experian PLC

Country United States
State California
City Costa Mesa
Address 475 Anton Boulevard
Phone 1 714 830 7612

Experian PLC Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2020

My wife and I had a time share with Shell Vacation club. We had it for quite a few years when we realized we not continue to keep making payments that had gotten out of hand. The payments at that time were 650 dollars a month plus 300 dollars a monthly fees. We found a company that helps people get out of time shares that no longer wanted to stay with them because it was not affordable any more. The company we hired started their service to get us out of the time share and at that time we quit making payments to Shell Vacation Club and it took about a year and a half to get to point where Shell Vacation Club gave up on us and allowed us to no longer owe them money and they sent us a paper stating that we were no longer in debt to them. Shell Vacation Club had also passed the loan for the service to Experian Financial Service and we started getting mail from them stating we owed them the money.

I sent response to them to tell them that we did not owe them as we did not have a contract with them and Shell Vacation Club had allowed us to no longer owe them money for them and their Contract we had with them. We just found out that Experian was no longer sending us bills but was still puting it on their account that we owed them money and they were ruining our credit report with them as it has gotten down to 628 even though the other companies like experian had our reports above the 720 level. That 628 has damaged our ability to finance things because of it.

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