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Executive Parking Services

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 816 Acoma St Unit 111
Phone (720) 329-4489

Executive Parking Services Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2016

My car was backed into by a employee of Executive Parking at the Brio Restaurant in Cherry Creek Denver. They said they would take care of the repairs at first. However the next day the employees boss says they won't be covering the repairs and that they were going to fight this. I took a video at the time of the accident with the employee driving a customers vehicle confessing that he didn't see me, it was his fault and he was sorry. So after speaking with Brio's owner they were finally able to get a hold of the Owner of the company Charles Garrett.

He said they would take care of the damages. It took about a month for this to happen. So my car goes to the shop and I need a rental car to get around in the mean time. The owner says they will take care of it I just have to go get the car and they will pay the rental bill when my car is done being repaired. When my car is finished being repaired I drop the rental off and they tell me that I have to pay the bill!? I try to call and text the owner of Executive Parking about 20+ times. He just ignores my calls and text.

So I have to use my credit card to pay for the rental car. I try to call everyday after and he just ignored all my calls and text. The rental car bill was $693.00. It has been 4 months and nothing. I have accrued interest on my credit card and my credit score has been negatively effected by this causing all kinds of other problems. This company is horrible and they treat people like trash.

The gentlemen who's car they backed into mine had to go through all kinds of changes to get his damages taken care of and I don't think his have been resolved yet either. Charles Garrett and the folks at Executive Parking are nothing but a bunch of shady crooks. I still don't know if they are insured or bonded. They refused to give me any insurance information whatsoever. Horrible business.

They should be barred from doing business anymore. This has been a stressful situation for me especially with all I am going through in my life right now. My mother being diagnosed with cancer and trying to help pay for treatment for her I needed that money very bad. I can't believe this is allowed to even happen. Don't ever do business with this company. Brio the restaurant which employed their services was no help either. I will probably end up having to take them both to court.

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