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Excelsior College

Country United States
State New York
City Albany
Address 7 Columbia Circle
Phone 888-647-2388

Excelsior College Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2015

False advertising and intimidating staff. told by school, written in paper work, that arrangement have been made to get you to hospital for testing. No transportation was available leaving student to walk in dark, alone in new area. Excelsior college promotes easy to study from home program for LPN-RN in 18 months. Waiting for cpne test date for all locations is by 8 months on average even on wailist. Classes taken and paid for do not go or transfer to any college. Forcing student to stay in program and continue to pay money. As waiting for test, every year a annual fee will be charged. By the time you wait to test, pass the test and graduation papers it is a year and have to pay that enrollment fee again.

Test rate pass is46% pass rate. Pass rate continues to be 46% for for than 5years. Meaning no change in there implementation.Thus, failing means Requiring the process to restart as students are already invested and unable to tranfer any year worth of classes to any school. School staff/advisors are limited. To get a phone advice call and ask questions Will be on a list for 2 months to get 30 minute conversation with staff. And unable to schedule more than one in advance. Taking additional resources for learning are costly. No mentors/social work available.

Staff is unnecessary intimidatig. Unable to take bathroom break for 3 and half hours unless using own testing time. Testing is emotional/ physical/ finically costly and can cause severe devastation and post trauma to student. Students loose a lot with failure and with no answers only intimidating staff saying you failed you need to leave in a Scolding way. No efforts made for follow up with students to see how they are doing. Comments online have been seen that students want to kill themselves do to the trauma. Noted in other online blogs student loose their jobs their savings thier husbands wifes over the faliure of this test. Complaints made to school have no follow up Or concern for student.

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