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Excellence Auto Trade

Country United States
State Alabama
City Jamaica
Address 130-29 Merrick Blvd
Phone 718-576-6644

Excellence Auto Trade Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2016

Just like any corrupt car dealership before they get your down payment everthing appears ok until.Ralph the owner is a liar who will give you his a* to kiss once he has your down payment and then your screwed!! i purchased the car from tim the salesman/if there's a problem we fix it /i'll call you when we get the part/never can reach him on the phone/and i'll call you back on so and so date.Beware he 's big on being unavailable after he got your money.After speaking with the bank to kill the deal i finally reach unreachable tim concerning fixing the issues with the car,here we go same thing i'll call back.

Nothing happens i call a few days later and get dee on the phone he says "ohh tim said to bring it saturday. What a waste of time,i see ralph the owner who lies and and tell me he'll be here in 20 min,after that does'nt work says bring it to the shop to waste my time knowing he never ordered the part.The mechanic never put no work into finding what the issue was to know exactly what needed to be done.Tells ralph what the problem is"{we'll call you when we get the part}" yeah right tell me anything,a whole week done passed and i have'nt heard anything from ralph the lying owner.I purchased and received the the part within 2 days after speaking to ralph the lying owner..

Now before i left i asked ralph the lying owner whats up with my out of state plates that unreachable tim bragged about saying we can get plates from hawaii its no problem ill call you when i have them. This is where the real rip-off begins!!ralph the lying owner goes,call me tuesday,i ask u got a direct # cause im tired of phone tag he hands me a business card ok.I called on tuesday and here we go let me call you back in 10 min,and hour later let me call you back in 25 min. Im waiting on an answer.I give him up to the following day and call back ask him whats up you never called me back whats up,now we get gangster ralph spouting off at that mouth telling me its no big deal while im sitting here with a $12,000 financed car with 12 days left on temporary registration.

Every time you call this guy{ralph} its let me call you back,and always never returns your call,then has excuses i forgot/i was busy/and kiss my a* attitude after he knows he's got your money. As i'm writing this,its 6:22pm they close at 7:00pm.I've been playing phone tag since 12:20 with the same thing let me call you back,and kiss my a* you financed the car.My whole day wasted just to go and register the car so i would never have to ever contact this stealership ever again and fix my own issues with the car since they won't do it.I'll be returning the car.I'll see lying ralph in court.Do not i repeat do not waste your time on this stealership,run! dont even check their website,web prices are a lie.Cars are priced at or a tad belown book value plus add $2500 down payment and theres no negotiation if the car has any issues.Remember no we'll fix no problem.Don't get ripped-off! run!

They have two car stealerships located at 130-29 merrick blvd. Jamaica,ny 11434 and 1072 atlantic ave. Brooklyn,ny 11238 don't waste your time with rip-off dealerships like this one! run

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