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Excellence Auto Direct

Country United States
State Texas
City Addison
Address 15510 Midway Rd
Phone 214-584-6969

Excellence Auto Direct Reviews

  • Jul 12, 2020

Excellence Auto sold me an 2014 Infiniti Q50 with $3200 5year 120K RedShield warranty $0 deductible bumper to bumper. The warranty has covered nothing that was in contract or covered any repair. I have made numerous complaints to Excellence Auto, they have been very empathetic as they stated they dropped their contract with redshield due to all the Complaints from other consumers.

I asked multiple times for a refund or to cover repairs. They said they will take care of my problems and never return my calls again. They sold me a junk warranty, knew it was trash, still sold it to me anyways. I've spent $6K in repairs and rentaL car services and not $1 has been covered by the bumper to bumper warranty.

  • Dec 5, 2018

I would like your help in looking into a company that does business in your city. Excellence Auto Direct. The are clearing the codes off of cars before selling them. I helped my daughter buy a car from them. I test drove it. There were no lights on. A few days after buying the car , the Air Bag Light came on, the Tire Pressure light came on, the speedometer wasn't acting right. Today I had the car throughly checked out by another dealership, Toyota of Richardson. I have attached their report. The Technician stated that the Air Bag literally came off in his hand.

Now the whole steering wheel and air bag has to be replaced. The Speedometer is also not working right and has to be replaced. And the pan the protects the engine underneath also has to be replaced. This adds up to almost 3600.00 in safety repairs. This was clearly hidden from us. There is no way the codes cleared themselves. My daughter could have really been hurt had she been in an accident with the Air Bag improperly installed. Please open an investigation into this. I don't want someone hurt because they are trying to make a quick Buck. Excellence Auto Direct - Owner Matt Riahi 817-952-7277 Thank you for your time. Rebecca Neirynck

  • Jul 19, 2016

I purchased a infinity qx56 suv from them back in October 2015. I informed the man that sold me the suv that the floor matt was missing & the brakes went out on me & that the heat was not working. And that the tires had nails in them. I was asked to bring the suv back up there only to arrive & was told the man to fix these things were not in. Each time i contacted the saleman i kept getting the run around. So in December 2015 i went there again to only be told they fired that sales person because he had done simiular things to other car buyers to get the sale. In other words he was lying to us all. I was also told that day that i owe them $1000 for down payment & until i pay them they were going to give me the tags for my vehicle. So i wrote a check out & put in the memo what they promised they would fix. The owner said he would take care of it because that sales person made simiular promises to other purchasers. However, he only purchased 1 tire. When i call he now gives me the run around. Even though they have cashed the check they have not held up to their promise.

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