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Excell Commercial Funding Group

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 208.661.9790

Excell Commercial Funding Group Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2021

I was placed in contact with Excell Commercial Funding Group for a development project our group was trying to obtain funding for. After a period of time they found us a "lender", in order to begin the process, we had to pay a funding fee of $42 400 USD along with several non-refundable deposits in order to secure the properties here locally in order to meet the “lenders” conditions. This came to an additional $20 000 CAD. A few weeks after the funding fee was paid, they called me and told me the lender vanished and they would find us another one.

Then they found us another lender, Legacy Group. This came with the added cost of $4 625USD in fees for that lender as well as another $42 000 CAD in non-refundable extension costs for the real estate deal itself. In addition to all this it cost me an additional $3 500 CAD in legal fees in relation to the real estate deal. But into this process we had been so badly drained of resources that we were unable to continue, all of our deposits and lending fees were gone.

Randy and Mark did nothing to resolve any of this or recover any of our losses, which makes me believe they were complicit with the fraud.

Since then, my personal info has also been used multiple times to apply for credit in my name, using the information supplied in the loan applications.

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