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Everest Wealth Management, Inc.

Country United States
State Maryland
City Towson
Address 100 West Rd Ste 405
Phone 410-383-7378

Everest Wealth Management, Inc. Reviews

  • May 31, 2018

I do not know much about wealth management, but Philippe Alain Rousseaux who is CEO of Everest Wealth Management does not look like a guy I would trust with my money. Philippe Alain Rousseaux is seen at LIV in Miami weekly spending thousands of dollars, and dating strippers and gambling in the World Series of Poker. I do not think anything is wrong with this, but personally I want my wealth manager to have a wife and kids and on Saturday's be at little league or soccer practice, not a pool party at the fontainebleau hotel in Miami or Las Vegas with a couple thousand dollar tab. When the girls run out or look for more money - it would be hard to keep your hand out of the cookie jar in my opinion when you get use to that life. It looks like another American Greed story in my opinion. The fact that his website, the clients have to "request access" and cannot see online right away, to me, throws up some red flags. Rumor around town is he put all his clients money in facebook stock and that is down, so he can't be giving anyone returns. So, not sure how he can still afford his 5k table every week at LIV nightclub. Do not invest with someone because they have an advertisement on TV. Remember these people are actors and the people that run companies like this are out every weekend more worried about what piece of a** to bang or bottle to pop, then your retirement. Due your do diligence.

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