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Euro Boxx Boxers

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Concord
Address 5972 Brookcliff PL NW
Phone 1-704-786-7124

Euro Boxx Boxers Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2019

Boxer dog breeder Tara OConnor from Euro Boxx Boxers tried ripping me off . In July of 2017 she sold me a European boxer puppy by the name of Ares. A "mutual" friend told me she had a new litter of puppies from her stud I admired for a while now in the United States. I proceeded to contact Tara via Facebook Messanger. Keep in mind I kept all my conversations with her . The first thing that I made clear was I was looking for a Male and I wanted full breeding rights for breeding and perhaps show purposes.

I made it clear, I was interested in the puppy named Ares that was still available. We exchanged numbers and I called her the following day I believe if not that same night . We spoke briefly to kinda get a feel for one another and she was extremely friendly and nice . We spoke about price and right away she told me the puppy's price was $4,000 and I immediately said that wasn't what I was willing to pay for any puppy . So she immediately said I'll leave him at $3,500 and so I told her let me get back to you I have to speak it over with my boyfriend since he will be making the purchase.

I explained I was not working at the time . So the next day I got back to her via messanger and said we would take him . I asked her if it was ok if I could send her the deposit the following week and she agreed. As agreed the following week I went to Walmart and sent her the deposit of $800 instead of the $500 she asked for the puppy . Everything seemed to be great myself and my family were really excited and couldn't wait. Once Tara received my deposit and a few weeks passed I noticed she started changing.

Everytime I asked for a picture or a video she had a long story and was either to busy or to tired. I never received pictures or videos of the puppy interacting with the mother like I would of loved to see .But I left it alone and told our mutual friend at the time something wasn't right with her from the beginning. She assured me everything was fine so I trusted in her big mistake! Later on I found out that she got upset with me because I was going to crop the puppy ears and dock his tail .

She felt that she gave me a discount of $500 because I cried broke . And that was not the case . Either way I wasn't willing to pay a penny more than the $3,500 on the puppy . And by the time he came home I had saved up an additional $1,000 for his surgery but that shouldn't matter to her .its none of her business how I paid for the surgery.

As the the weeks passed I asked if we could change the pick up date by a week and she agreed . But then unfortunately I asked to change it again to an additional week and finally she agreed. So she held the puppy for an additional two weeks . I picked him up at 10 weeks . She helped me look for flights and we agreed she would meet me at the airport and we would make the exchange. I was told the puppy would be coming home potty trained that was not so!

Took us 7 months to potty train him . And that he would have his akc pedigree registration papers as all puppies should . And a health certificate from her vet , shot records and some information of how to care for puppy . she tells me that she still had not received the pedigree and as soon as she had it for me not to worry she would mail it to me .

So I trusted in her and rushed back upstairs to catch the next flight back home With no pedigree registration in hand ,no health certificate from her vet . Just shot records and a bunch of information on how to care for the puppy and a contract that she never mentioned to me once . A week later after the puppy was finally home with us I had scheduled a wellness checkup for him and his surgery for his ears and tail.

That's when my vet made me aware that the puppy I just purchased for a puppy with one t******e down in place, and the other t******e was stuck and that he should of never been sold to me in that condition knowing I was gonna breed him in the future. I believe a good reputable breeder would of

1.never let the puppy leave her home like that and

2.would of been honest and told me about something like that . When I contacted her she told me that 4 males out of the litter had the same problem and just to start massaging his t******e down in place and hope for the best .

Fast forward to a few months later and with a lot my hard work and supplements his t******e finally came down in place . Because if not my vet recommended surgery next or a full refund. When I told her the good news that both his t******e dropped she asked me if I was sure because she was still dealing with the other puppies testicles not dropping into place yet . So I sent her pictures and videos and said yes I'm sure.

Time went on and my boyfriend kept asking what happened to the pedigree we never received it from her. by now the puppy was almost 6 months old . And after everything that happened we no longer trusted her . I knew something was up . Every time I asked about the registration papers she would give me different stories. That she had not received them yet . So that's when I decided to try and contact the other owners who had purchased puppies in the same litter via Facebook but they wouldn't reply to me when all I asked was if they had received their registration papers yet .

I believe she instructed them not to reply to me . Finally I called Akc myself and gave them the name of the mother and father, litter birth date and her name and address . Akc told me litter registration paperwork had been sent out months ago to her . This is when I knew she had every intention of ripping me off and not giving me something that was on her contract and that I paid for . As expected, so I contacted her and told her and she still denied it to me . So that's when I wrote to the akc and filed a claim against her . The problem was akc could only do so much . And reached out to her .

They asked me for a copy of the contract so I sent it to them. where it said I paid for full breeding rights . But who knows what twisted lie she told them because all I remember is receiveing an email saying she was gonna release the registration to me and she did finally but she released limited registration! I was furious! I paid for full breeding rights. I reached out again to akc and they told me they couldn't do nothing else . That I would have to take this up with a lawyer from here on out .

So The months went by and me and her by now were not on any good terms ! I reached out to her telling her I would return puppy since I was having personal problems and since that's what her contract stated that puppy should go back to breeder . But I told her I wanted a full refund and she declined it . Fast forward to an 11 months old puppy and I still didn't have any registration papers for him . By now I had invested lots of money on him and she declined a full refund so this is when she tells me if I continue to bother her about this issue and if I made things public she would contact her lawyer and sue me for defamation of character ! By now I was tired of dealing with her pleading and begging her for something that belonged to me .

I was not gonna be yet another victim of this breeder so I started printing out everything single conversation we ever had via Facebook messanger and I started asking around and came across many leads and tips. The stories poured in from other people on how I wasn't the only person who had issues with Tara OConnor. I was told to contact a local boxer club in the town where she lives and the president of the club gave me an ear full and make it clear to stay away from her she was bad news and had been kicked out of the club .

A close breeder friend of hers also reached out and gave me an ear full of her private life and things that she knew regarding Tara as a breeder . Finally the day came that I had enough and I threatened her . That if by a certain date I didn't have my registration or a full refund I would post every last conversation on my face book page and tag everyone one in the boxer community so they can read it for themselves and that's exactly what I did.

I posted every page that I had on her over 200 pages worth of conversations some made public. Only then did she start contact me in tears saying she was receiveing calls and please take everything down .only then did she agree to hand over the full rights to my dog . But only when it couldn't get any worse she tells me she would do so only if I agree to a sign new contract. This is a so called "reputable breeder "? Never in my life have I heard such thing after everything she made me go through. A new contract?! Really ?

she wanted breeding rights to him now and she was included that if I ever wanted to sell the dog she would get him back also that new contract stated that I would never speak or make public what happened to me or the conversations we had . I was in disbelief of the foolishness this woman Tara OConnor owner of Euro Boxx Boxers went as far as .

In the end I finally got my registration papers 12 months later and no I did not agree to her new contract. This woman made me spend money and a year of my life fighting pleading for what was mine . lawyers fees for consultations and what should of been a memorable happy moment turned into a nightmare !!

  • Dec 4, 2019

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