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EroticMonkey Reviews

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  • Mar 20, 2017

Erotic is not a reputable adult Review guide.

They claim, "Quality Escort Reviews" Really ??? Where's the quality of the defaming reviews ?

It is a site filled with discusting and twisted lies of deceitfulness. Do not beleive anything that has been written in that review guide. That site gives a false and perverted misrepresentation of Annie Love of Reno Nevada, and distorts the facts.

The Erotic Monkey Site was created by a individual or group of Malicious persons who in my opinion has a obvious hatred and shallow view of women in the adult industry.

Who likes monkeys anyway. Annie Love

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  • Apr 6, 2019


I’ve been trying to take down a review one dude I refused to see for safety reasons made bout me, it’s been weeks now, I can’t even find anyways to contact erotic monkeys customer care, how do I do this!! The review is just a malicious lie!!! From a butt hurt gent!!

  • Apr 10, 2017



Is also a registered sex offender and should not be on your website

  • Feb 1, 2017

So in order to send the problem to their customer support, I had to make another listing , Ive been asking them ove 3 months to combine both of my listings, and and answer my questions, to resolve my issue, and how to edit my add , they completley ignore me and went ahead and edited my add and on appearance the added "RANCID" I cant' get into my lsting to change it or take down my listing..Ive been an escort over 10 years and have over a million viewers,with 5 star reviews, and thier trying to take the place of Back page and are failing miserably..!! I'm at a lost and want to save my reputation before it goes down the tube with this company..!! They have stolen reviews and pictures form other providers and are very dishionest..!!YOU can't call them and you have no idea where they are located..It's a real mess nd very scary..Please help ..!!

They are abusing providers listigns by taking thier listings and using their pictures , and then not lettign you clain them unless you go through their support channels and gettign another email address jsut so you can reach custoerm servce nad let thme know those are your pictreus adn email and phone # and then it took them 6 weeks to realize it was me so instead of combining my real lisitng with the alias I had to use to get through to them , they left it and edited my appearance as "RANCID" didnt combime my 2 and it's been over 3 months..!!

I'm afraidI will not be able to remove my lsiting sicne they are ignoreing me and editing ,my lsiting which is illegal..!! They are frauding my lsiting and stealing my reviews from TER and my pictures..!! I had over a million viewers, and 7 pages of 5 star reviews..!!

Ive asked them repatedly to"see below"

it's been over 3 months and You still have not combined my listing SKYE id 153898, skye012230, please combine or I'm taking down both of my listings.You have my appearance as "RANCID" How dare you..!! I can't change anything and you haven't answered any of my request or questions..!! If it's not corrected I will removed ..! then I receive youone senence on how to add locations , you stated through your profile and you know you can't , however you contunously give me incorrect information...why.?

YOU don't have phone support and I'm sure you could care a less since your an hourly and i'm probably keeping you could never guess, just that I'm annoying you or you get a thrill out of ruining my provider identity..?

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