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EPPICard Reviews

  • Mar 16, 2019

Eppicard took 40 dollars out of my child support money.I did not want my child support loaded on eppicard because I have seen them on the news for fraud and all over the internet .I recieved a letter in mail that 300 dollar in child support was collected .

It had a number to call for eppicard to receive money I called and told them I wanted my money to be deposited in my bank account they told me they couldn't do that and assured me that I would receive my money in full there would be no fees and by no means would any of my child support be taken .

I get my eppicard in mail activate it and 40 dollars is gone off the bat.I call the customer service number numerous times to be told that no one knows where my money went .Eventually I get a customer service representative who tells me 40 dollars was taken for charge of the card and for expired card I had in 2012 when I have never had a card with them in past and the paper they sent me clearly states no charge for replacement cards .

I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told by this extremely rude and argumentative customer service representative that he was as high up as they go and it was only 40 dollars to get over it because I would not be getting it back.I told him I wanted to file a complaint and I was told they do not take complaints.I asked for his name and job title and who told he didnt have to give me his name.

Maybe 40 dollars is not alot to them if they go around stealing single parents child support money they must make a killing but 40 dollars is alot to me .Every dollar of my child support is much needed.They are not entitled to take any of it.This is theft and by no means should they be allowed to do this.I have looked them up and am shocked at how many people they have stolen money from.When the rich steal they get richer when the poor steal they go to jail

  • Feb 7, 2017

As a Texas eppicard holder, August 2016 my child's support abruptly stopped coming in. My wife thought nothing of it as it has happened before. But some funds would show up after 2-4 weeks. (This is why we never thought twice about it until we did some research). She would get funds deposited 1 day a week the entire month for almost 3 years and then it just stopped with no paper work or email explaining why.. The catch here is we would get papers showing that the attorney general has collected debts. Our most resent and last statement being december 2016 debts collected $116.00, but never made it to our card. We have logged into our account and for 6 month there were no deposits made.. after logging in and looking at the deposit history some months we would get $150.00 the highest and some months the lowest of $20.00 per month. Most recurring deposit made $39.00. And then there would be a $4.50-$5.00 deposit. No one in their right mind would accept that. Well after hearing that multiple eppicard holders supplied by wells fargo, money was mismanaged or never deposited. We are missing almost $1000.00 for 6 months. Yes we too had a card deactivated and charged the $25 for a new card to be shipped in 1-3 days. Receiving the card almost 1 month later.. my child is special needs as she has downs syndrome. We both work and have a house payment car payment and other bills to pay. That money helped ALOT with groceries and gas to and from work.. and some jerk off stole it.. After hearing what wells Fargo "eppicard supplier" had done there was our answer.. there is no coincidence to why my daughter funds have stopped. Still to this day from August 2016-February 2016 our card has a balance of a whopping .82 cents. We would greatly appreciate a better explanation on where my daughters money is. She needs that money and as a family we need it. We want our money back asap but will probably never see it as their high horse ceos are living lavish life styles off a disabled child. This is stepfather J.S from grnd prairie, Texas.

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