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EngineerSupply, LLC.

Country United States
State Virginia
City Lynchburg
Address 21430 Timberlake Road, Unit 349
Phone 800-591-8907

EngineerSupply, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2018

Just a terrible amateurish company for 3 reasons:

(1) They dont carry inventory

They are just a middleman for moving products. This means that when you place an order they dont have it in stock they only order it direct from the manufacturer skimming a litle profit in the process. This is a terrible business model. They have no control over shipping dates or inventory. That is why you see so many others registering complaints about late shipping, no inventory, etc.

(2) They take payment before shipping the product.

I ordered an item and payed by paypal. Waited a few days then enquired about the expected shipping date. I was told it was on back order and the supplier would ship it. I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR IT. Wrote a dispute with paypal got my refund.

(3) They have no real idea when you will get your product.

Like I was saying above they have no inventory so have no control over shipping, inventory, etc. Anyone with an email address and cheap website can run this type of business. Real businesses carry inventory to have control of shipping, etc

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. Dont support this style of doing business. You can get this same quality of service from any cheap ebay site !

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