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Enercare, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Markham, Ontario
Address 7400 Birchmount Rd.
Phone 1 866-449-4423

Enercare, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 16, 2021

Out of the blue, Enercare started charging me every month for a water heater that I do not have. I called and complained. As my word is not good enough for them, they sent their technician to my house who confirmed I do not have their product. They are still charging me every month.

Now they want me to send them a copy of my house deed (?). Which I do. The months are going by and they are still charging me. So I call again and they say they did not receive the deed. Really? I got your email conformation. Sir, could you please send it again? AAARRGGH!!!! Smile, you are on candid camera...

  • Jul 10, 2018

An Enercare technician first came to the house to look at the then not working Central Air Conditioner in September 2017. He did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. When I asked for a signed work order, he was not able to give me a piece of paper to show that he was here and did nothing. I had nothing in writing that he was even here in Sept. 2017 to look at the A/C. In May 2018, another technician from Enercare came to look at the still not working A/C unit and charged me $111.87 + HST = $126.41 in order to give me a diagnosis. This second technician was unable to figure out what's wrong with the A/C. He said that I needed to have another test done to find out what's wrong (at a cost of some $2500 - $3500 including Environmental Fees and with no guarantee that the test would be able to diagnose any problems accurately or correctly). This visit was another total waste of time and money. Since I had requested this useless visit, even though this technician was unable to do a definitive diagnosis, did not know what's wrong with the A/C, and hence did not know what needed to be done to repair the A/C, I will pay $126.41 for this service call as it was my own stupidity to request this service call in the first place. But I definitely do not deserve to be charged the $67.68 for the Cooling Maintenance Plan which did absolutely NOTHING for me. In all fairness, I am asking Enercare for some compensation for all the frustration, anguish and wasted time in having to pay for the Cooling Maintenance Plan for NOTHING. As I understood the terms of the Cooling Maintenance Plan, all the promises Enercare made when I first enrolled in the Plan were not honored. I want the unjustly charged $67.68 credited back to my Enercare account.

  • May 17, 2018

To whom it may concern:

On 17th February 2018, I signed an agreement in my home to rent a (Furnace and AC)

from Enercare: Furnace – Brand - Carrier / 59TN6A06CVI7 and AC – Brand - Carrier / 24AAA524A003), at $10,400.00.

Today, I want to cancel that agreement. I hereby exercise my right to cancel the

agreement as a result of unfair business practice(s)as described in the Consumer

Protection Act, 2002 and ask that the money be returned to me and above-mentioned products removed from my premises at your earliest.

I look forward to your immediate reply. I would really like this matter to be resolved immediately and hear from you soon about the outcome, so I can proceed with making the required changes to my premises. You can contact me at for any further clarifications.

The product doesn’t give the efficiency and bill reduction promised at the sales pitch and I am not interested in continuing to pay for a new furnace and air condition unit for same results. Also, the technician who came in for the routine maintenance on 02/08/2018 stated to my wife that we are close to being at rick of a Carbon Monoxide alert. We found this to be not true now.

I would have returned this product earlier but was not able to do so as it was the middle of winter and I have 3 kids under 7 who would be in grave danger if I was to return the product in 10 days as per your policy. Also, I was told to keep using the product for more than 3 months to see results. Technicians from Enercare have visited my premises twice 04/09/2018 and 05/01/2018.

On the first visit, the technician has explained to us that we will not see the numbers mentioned by Sales on our bills and we are now hooked to Enercare. Second visit was prompted by Sales Consultant (Ken Carson) promising to send a senior technician. This technician didn’t do anything left my premises stating to use the furnace for 12 months to see changes in bill.

This is not acceptable.

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