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Eminova Capital and Investments LLC

Country United States
State Alabama
City New York City
Address 225 Broadway,Suite 1504

Eminova Capital and Investments LLC Reviews

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  • Aug 18, 2020

In 2019 our group was introduced to mr. Ib olsen managing partner of eminova capital and investments llc) by their regional partner in our region mr. Sahin ozdemir. Their other partner was mr frnaklin madison in toronto canada. Discussions were held face to face especially w mr olsen to set up an spv and raise xx mio via tokenization of our securities. An agreement was signed and payments were made by tranches by our company. However, deadlines kept changing for whatever reason and a project which was guaranteed to close in 12 weeks was never finalized. We were even mislead by an equity commitment signed by eminova with a penalty clause to make us pay another tranche of fee. But we never received any fudns from them. Our attempts to contact them was meaningless. Our pho─▒nes were not answered. Emails not replied to. Whatsapp messages totally ignored. We also found out that they failed to make third party payments per our agreement and no service providers are seekinf payment from us. Our attempts for a refund were left unanswered. Sadly we see the team except mr madison who passed away last month we were told) seeking new clients(!) for their scheme with misleading information.

It turned out to be a complete scam and we lost all of our money and also additional funds whch we have spent per their commitment. Partners even after giving their personal word has never returned any of our money, including the funds that were wired direclty to them.

Do not get involved with this company or its partners/directors in any way, you will regret it as we have. We hired a reputable law firm with offices in usa canada and our region to represent our group, but being from the mena region it proved to be too costly.

We dont want anyone to loose any of their money as we did. This people have no intention to render their service - they are simply seeking to get fees with no service... It has devasted our business and privately our family financially. We may never recover. Donot fall for ths guys !!!

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