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Embracing Bionics Scandal

Country Canada

Embracing Bionics Scandal Reviews

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  • Jan 8, 2020

These people came to my door twice in the last year.

The entire thing seemed so sketchy and i'm always suspicious of unsolicited door-to-door people. I didn't give them any money. I googled them and their website and it seemed even more bizarre.

The address for the company is a house in calgary and a man named glenn oscar.

Their website is unprofessional looking. They claim to be making exoskeleton suits?

Essentially claiming they are making robots.

It doesn't even sound believable that they would be capable of doing this when this is clearly a task that requires many people and specialists, not a guy working out of his house and someone going door-to-door raising money.

They say they're a non-profit, but that doesn't mean much because they are not a registered charity.

They can still raise money and pay themselves a hefty salary with very little money going towards their cause. Their non profit registeration page lists an address of birch hills, sk and 1 employee: shannon craig simpso Sic).

Now you can't tell me they're doing this cutting edge research and manufacturing in birch hills, population 1064.

The entire thing stinks. I have no idea what they're doing or even what their intentions are, since i find it far-fetched that they're actually doing anything with "bionics".

I suspect they came up with a plan to raise money and pay themselves in the meantime, while funneling some money to "the foundation", but it's all so bizarre.

No thanks, i'll keep my money.

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  • Jan 12, 2020

door 2 door

You get these packages that Include some cards with discount offers and candy/chocoalte each one is 20 dollars or

You can pay more .

Basically every 20 dollar package sold the door to door person gets 5 dollars and the driver makes up to ten on the one they sold for them.

They also hand out " Canada Roofing " fliers , each one someone calls and gets a job from them for , the person walking around and putting them out makes 100$ when the client uses their "mention code" as you can imagine, the driver likley makes equal or double this.

This is all a trust based system the door to door person is supposed to trust the people in charge to honestly give them their money .

780 851 7628 Edmonton

587 315 0079 Calgary

This screams pyramid scam.

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