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Elvira Meras

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tucson
Address 1626 West Circle Drive Apt B
Phone 520-848-9422

Elvira Meras Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2020

Sellers you should be extremly weary when dealing with this con artist. The second she gets the item she purchased from you, she wastes no time into contacting her credit card company and make false claims to steal the product from you.

When you try to confront her, just like her type going through a tunnel to get here, she will hide from you left and right. She will buy something and the second she gets the item, its off contacting the credit card company and file a fraud dispute claiming non receipt of merchandise.

We have all the information to prove our case when she gets sent to court and be brought up on charges of petti larceny, bank fraud, violation of a legal agreement, and being in possession of stolen merchandise. She made up falsifed claims, couldnt prove her made up claims.

She will go to your support site legally agree and sign documents, and then moronically contact her credit card company and say the exact opposite. Dumb enough to figure out that the docs would be used against her to prove her to be nothing but a scam artist out to steal from anyone she gets into contact with.

Merchants you should avoid this theif at all costs, before it costs you!

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