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Ellie Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2020

So at the start of May 2020, I purchased a subscription service to Ellie, which is an activewear subscription box. I paid the $50 and picked out my outfit, which is supposed to be a shirt, bra, leggings, and two workout accessories. A few days later I got an email saying my order was broken up into several shipments. I didn't care about that, it was no inconvenience to me. And my first box was just my shirt. I was like "okay, the other stuff is on it's way."

A couple of weeks later, so early-June, I received my bra and two workout accessories. At this point, I was like "how many boxes are they sending me?" And my account page didn't have any info on my leggings. So I emailed Ellie, and after a week, they got back to me and assured me the leggings were on their way. And then a couple of days after that, their customer service sent me another email stating

"After looking at your account, I see that your leggings were sold out, so it did not allow your recent box to process. My apologies for not catching this sooner and for any disappointment it may have caused.In order to make this right I have provided you with 3 different options to accommodate the situation.

1. You can look through these Ellie Must Haves and pick one for us to send you on us as a replacement.

2. Switch to a different collection that's available in your size. Just confirm with me and I will manually process that for you.

3. If you are not interested in a a substitute we can issue a refund for the missing item(s)."

To which I emailed them back letting them know I'd like to switch collections (outfits). And they didn't respond for a week, and then told me "Thank you for reaching out to us. I see your account was canceled so we are unable to switch the collection to mineral love. You can resubscribe by purchases a new collection through the home page."

Which is basically telling me that they're not going to fix THEIR mistake. I am now having to fight to get either a replacement or my money back. They're telling me they can't accept my return because I wore the clothes I paid for since I was expecting to receive the rest of my order.


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