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Elite Towing and Recovery

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 2905 W Howard Ln,
Phone 512-238-8082

Elite Towing and Recovery Reviews

  • Jun 29, 2017

On or about June 2016 Elite Towing / Meritage @ Steiner Ranch set up a personal permit only parking spot for me. Issued the permits for both of my vehicles (from them) - I have ADA parking permit (although this wasnt supposd to be a handicapped spot) just a personal spot that was closer to our apartment. I had to have my personal medical paperwork released to Meritage Apt complex to prove that this was in fact for a medical need.

It took six months to get the sign made, an additional three more to get it put up at all. Then it was only set in the ground (not secured) at first, six weeks later it was cemented in sort of. I dont know if the wind or kids pulled it over. It has been laying on the ground since the end of April

I have had two hip replacement (Feb and May) surgeries recently, due to degenerative osteoarthtitis - hence the need for a spot. More than once I have called to have someone removed from the spot. The 1st time was done fairly quickly, the 2nd time the driver got all set took my info and then left without taking the car. Didnt feel right about it or something?

They wouldnt even tow a car from directly in front of our garage at 0100.

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