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Elite Roofing

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 5475 Peoria Street 4-106
Phone 1 303-296-0361

Elite Roofing Reviews

  • Aug 10, 2020

Shane Papierski (aka Roger Shane Papierski DBA Elite Roofing, Elite Commercial Roofing) was hired to Weatherproof our Barn Roofs. He came out and looked at the barns and told us the price ($8,430.00) to weatherproof the barn roofs. We at that time signed the contract. He and his "Crew" were out on April 1, 2020 to apply "Rapid Roof" and do the "Energy Star Metal Roof Weatherproof System". He was Paid in Full that day. The roofs NEVER STOPPED LEAKING. "Shane" came out a couple of times with a caulking gun and attempted to fill holes.

After numerous attempts by my husband and myself to "Get what we paid for" which is leak free barns, the barns STILL LEAK and he is now not returning any of our messages. Our last message was to ask for a 40% refund of what we paid him....The approximate additional cost to us to get these roofs to the point they won't leak. That message was sent to him on 08/08/2020....Still no reply.

  • Dec 4, 2018

This will be professionally written so i will not trash talk.

I originally thought I was hiring a company that I had dealt with in the past CJ Roofing. They sent out a project manager by the name of Phil. The vehicle that he drove in was clearly marked CJ Roofing. We exchanged pleasantries and they were hired in July of 2017 just after the hail storm that pummeled the west side of the Denver suburbs. Replacement of the roofs happened Thanksgiving week 2017. There are a total of 5 buildings on my property only 3 of the buildings received new material (Roofs) The house, single car garage and a 10X12' barn style shed. there are 2 other sheds on the property that had metal roofs that this company DID NOT replace. The garage and house received gutters and downspouts that either dont drain down or they leak the length of both buildings when there is runoff. it looks like a waterfall right above the porch steps (a task I wanted to wait until painting was completed and was made known to the project manager)

as of right now, my solar panels are still sitting on the ground a task the roofing company claimed they would handle. I have recently contacted the solar company and they are working with me as this is written.

In the estimate from the insurance company included not only funds to replace the roofs but amounts for window glazing, screens, solar panel removal/replacement and paint etc. I have always been willing to pay an amount that excludes the work that this company didnt complete and have made my concerns known to this company. Elite/CJ roofing received a supplement payment from my insurance company in an amount that is currently unknown to me.

My account with the roofing company has been turned over to collections and i am still not willing to pay Elite/CJ roofing for work they didnt complete and i was served papers today regarding the roofing company.

I am willing to pay the amount for the 3 buildings that received new roofs from this company nothing more. The roofing company also was wanting the full first check amount from me again wanting to be paid for work they didnt complete.

Would you pay someone for work they DID NOT complete?

If the tasks below are met I will pay this company for the work they DID complete.

1. written notification that the collection and subsequent court action will cease.

2. provide me an acceptable amount for the roofs that were replaced without wanting to be paid for work they DID NOT complete (i.e. paint screens glazing and metal roofs).

If the bullet points above are met I will pay in full but I WILL NOT PAY until the tasks are met. I will be contacting the Media and an attorney at the completion of this report.

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