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Elite Motor Sports

Country United States
State California
City Woodland
Address 317 W. Main Street
Phone 530-666-7020

Elite Motor Sports Reviews

  • May 4, 2020

0 stars if I could. Close to 1k in parts and installs charged and not installed when said to leave! Parts rattled loose! Airbag almost destroyed and could've killed me. If you respect your life, Vehicle and hard working money do not go here. They lucked out I can't upload the pictures but believe me it's as bad as the write up describes...My 2019 Mustang GT With 2000 miles and over $10,000 Came to them for AirLift performance system, Corsa Mufflers, Steeda sway bars, Steeda wheel stop the hop kit and a few others I luckily got to stop them from doing.

The Air bags were unscrewing and the air line was the tension holding them from unscrewing more off of the struts picture included.......they sent their tech to my house As well for another incident after work because my car was rattling hard enough I couldn't drive it anywhere not even to the shop without feeling safe. The new $1800 Corsa mufflers were hitting my new $400 sway bar.....The air lift system Had multiple air leaks. Three at the tank and then the AirLift manifold had its own leaks as well that they said could've only happened after it left because it was 100% when they gave her back to me......It's as if they don't understand the role play of Air staying in a tank Of a pressurized air system being added to a car for suspension.

Good thing these guys don't do air brakes or they woulda been shut down by now by California DOT. The young guy who seems to think he's running the shop At this location is doing as horrible Of a job as the owner Junior. The communication is horrible and the wait times are crazy over the limit. Then when you pick up hour vehicle stuff is missing and parts that you paid for and got charged installations for aren't even on the car either. They had my car for over 6 weeks and still couldn't finish the little work I described above correctly. I let the Junior the owner know that I found my parts on the ground in the shop and the Box was all ripped open with what seemed to be parts missing.

Asked why they all charged me for the parts and the install and have told me the car was ready when it wasn't? Do they normally charge close to $1000 for parts and installs and get away with it? $1000 is quite a bit different then miscalculating $5. All in all this s**t show went on from December to April. Parts not ordered. Parts charged and not installed. Employees saying that the car is getting worked and not lying is a rare one here. Then when your upset they are stealing your money/parts and lying constantly they get pissy and try to throw the blame on the customer.. I've had the owner junior and his little man he thinks is running his shop tell me multiple times that I am not appreciating the work they do. That I am not being patient enough.

Then junior likes to really play games and tell you things are installed and he's seen them himself and that garbage is a lie as well. You want a good head ache and s**t show come here I promise you won't be let down! Forgot to mention the hole drilled into my factory subframe that will probably void my warranty. Pics included!

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