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Eli Max Realty, Inc

Country United States
State Alaska
City Van nuys
Address 6360 Van Nuys Blvd.
Phone 818-781-5006

Eli Max Realty, Inc Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2017

These guys will sucker you with low rent, make you sign a lengthly lease and never follow through with what they promise. They also will start adding fees like Air Conditioner fees when the AC doesn't work and electricity fees. Mailboxes generally broken and mail is stolen often. Poor security in the building.

Good luck getting internet or phone. When I had time warner cable come Eli's dad scarred them and started screaming obscenities at the workers. He screamed"F*** you, F*** you!" Multiple times at the workers. Very improfessional place.

When it rained the top floor massively flooded and destroyed all my desks and computers. Eli laughed when it happened. When I moved out I requested my security deposit back 4 times and he refused to reply. When I threatened legal action he said go ahead. I told him I would file complaints with the California Attorney general and he started saying I threatened him at his cell phone number of (818) 439-2537.

I told him I'd serve him at his address of 4709 Noeline Ave, Encino, CA 91436-2105 and he really went balistic via text.

Avoid these scamming slum lords at all costs.

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