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EKalavya Hansaj, Quarterly Global

Country India
State Andaman & Nicobar Islands

EKalavya Hansaj, Quarterly Global Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2021


Please stay away from Ranjan Jyoti. Is a big talker and a big fraud, has no projects, and promises mostly inbound stuff.
Do inform your friends about him.
His cheating methodology is to Come up with lavish and mouth-watering projects. He offered us a lucrative US travel inbound process. Ask for consulting fees after signing. If you refuse he will not take much interest but won't show it, send some fake contracts which he and his partners have meticulously prepared. He will always ask for flight tickets that too on kingfisher, for obvious reasons. At times he will ask for your credit debit card numbers to book tickets and promise to pay within a day or two. Then he will make you run for the project and the payment (even if it's as low as a flight ticket) for eternity. For example, he has made me run after the money for 2 months now and now says that he is broke!!
I trusted him and lost time, money, and effort, urge all of you to stay away from the fraudster.

  • Jul 30, 2021



Beware of this fake company and with the person Ranjan Jyoti, resident of Patna and Delhi.

site and

Let me share my bitter experience with you so that you can at least remain safe.

He started his company with the name of aloysha infotech PVT ltd at Noida sec 58. he had hired more than 100 candidates from reputed concerns and had promised them a high salary package of 22600 for executive level and 42600 for management level. he made them leave their previous companies and started his company on 5 July 2010 and told everyone that he has some issue of license for which the work process of the company has to be on halt. He promised all the staff that they have to come to the office regularly after 10 or fifteen days the intimation of which will be given to them on high priority and they will be paid for these days but at the time of salary, he fled away and is non-traceable till date.

He played with the career of the 100 people who were with him leaving their branded companies to support him from all aspects.

  • Jul 4, 2021

Also, i want to inform you that his young brother also helps him fraud, his name is rajan singh, and both this small and big brother help each other in doing fraud and stealing money of innocents.

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