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eHarmony, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica
Address P.O. Box 3640
Phone (855) 290-5581

eHarmony, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2021

I opened an eHarmony account and with some trepidation ended up paying for a subscription. Within minutes of paying I felt like I had made a mistake but waited 24 hours after reviewing the terms and conditions. It stated within them that a person could request a refund by specifically emailing [email protected] I received a reply stating a ticket was opened and that someone would respond.

I got a reply asking for specific reasons, which I provided as well as reiterating my request for a refund. I received another email back that did not acknowledge that language within the terms and conditions but gave me a courtesy 3 month additional membership. Why would I an additional 3 months of a service I want cancelled and refunded for? I’ve searched and cannot find an active phone number that works for customer service and am working with my CC company to dispute the charges.

  • Nov 15, 2020

I emailed them WELL WITHIN the three day period - -literally within hours of signing up, and they refused to refund it because the address I listed at my parents' was not in the state I am a legal resident of (IL). I will now need to contact the Chicago Times about their predatory behavior in a time of COVID (for god's sake) and forward it to the attorney general's office (thank God for being a law student, I guess). Ridiculous!

  • Oct 31, 2020

I had heard all the ads for eharmony and it sounded great so I responded to a trial membership for 1 month. I entered all of the information needed to get started. And I was about 2-3 weeks in when I decided I didn't like it and wasn't going to join. And I happened to be checking my credit card bill that same day when I noticed eharmony had already charged me $215 for a full year subscription. I contacted them and they refused to issue a refund or admit that they had done anything improper. I don't remember why but I wasn't able to reverse the charge and I was stuck with a year membership.

During that time I was sent approximately 250 matches, but 30% of the matches didn't have a photo with their profile. And 5-10% were well beyond the range I wanted to date in, like Bakersfield and San Diego. I live in Los Angeles. So to add insult to injury they shut down my account before the year was up and want me to pay another $215 for a year subscription and you can believe I won't be doing that. And due to fraudulent activity on my card, I have a new number so they can't charge my new card, what a relief.

  • Sep 15, 2020

As an online dating site, eHarmony turns members who have a free limited membership into paying premium members by promoting the idea that, as a paid member, the pictures of other members would be visible. During the free membership, I experienced viewing "blurred" pictures of numerous members. These members all had pictures and paying the premium would result in viewing the images (photos) of these members with clarity, according to eHarmony promotions.

Eharmony supposedly prides itself in providing compatible matches via their parameters. Since becoming a paid premium member, the majority of "matching" profiles that eHarmony has suggested have had NO photos whatsoever. This never occurred while assuming unpaid status. There was no disclosure that such behavior would occur. Upon expressing dissatisfaction with this behavior, eHarmony has not offered a remedy or correction in any form.

I have also contacted eHarmony numerous times regard the dysfunctionality of their website and app. Both have malfunctioned in ways that I expressed to eHarmony. Responses (when received, though not usually) have included "scripted" how-to information without ever admitting any fault of theirs or the website. After numerous requests for correction were not properly acknowledged, I stated that a refund was wanted. Given a refund and having my subscription stopped would result in my not contacting them again. They have refused a refund, claiming that their 3-day refund policy was state specific.

  • Sep 1, 2020

Eharmony markets themselves as "#1 Trusted Dating App", "every 14 minutes someone finds love on theri website", they throw out statistics of so many marriages resulting from Eharmony; well perhaps that was when they first started back in 2000, but 20 years later in 2020, they are a HORRIBLE website to look for a serious relationship.

First of all, unlike other major dating sites like and several others, Eharmony does not offer a month to month membership, that way if you just want to try the service out, you can buy a monthly membership and therefore can cancel after one month if you do not like the website and have no further obligation. Eharmony is terribly expensive, for no reason, and you are only offered a 6 month, 12 month, or 24 month membership. When you add up the costs, it really doesn't make much sense to get the 6 moths membership, cost wise, you are better off getting the 12 month membership because the price difference is less than $100 for an extra 6 moths.

I won't go ito why I want to cancel because that woud be a whole other report, but the mere fact that E harmony is so expensive, does not offer you a trial or better a month to month option, but you are forced to pick between this 6, 12, or 24 moth membership, and then given very few payment options. I opted for the I believe it was 3 payment option. I still have 2 more payments. I called E Harmony and asked if I can please get out of paying the next 2 payments because I am dissatisfied with their website and I wish to just lose whatever money I already paid and end my membership if they would please not take out the last 2 remaining payments.

I was told that they cannot do that. I am very upset because now, I have to continue paying for this awful website because no month to month membership option was offered. This company needs to go out of business.

  • Jul 22, 2020

I cancelled my subscription. I did not feel they were full felling anything they said. You CANNOT to anyone. There is no phone number anywhere for the. That tells you something is wrong right off the bat. I e-mailed them only to have them say they closed my account and I would be billed $58.31 3 more times. They did nothing for me. They are scammers.

  • May 16, 2020

I signed up for the service in good faith following their ad regarding a one-month free. I entered my payment information on the condition that I will not be charged until the one month had elapsed. They charged my paypal account immediately and they have been withdrawing money from it every month. I have emailed them several times to no avail. I have tried several times to reach out to them to resolve this, but they have refused and they have continued to deduct money from my account.

I believe that this is wrong especially considering the fact that I have canceled it and reached out to them that I do not need their service any longer because of the financial situation going on right now. I need for them to cancel the subscription and to reimburse the money that has bee deducted from my account.

  • Oct 30, 2018

I purchased a one month subscription to Eharomy on 9/9 at about 8PM ONLY because Eharomony told me I had no risk because they promisesd I could cancel and get a refund with 3 business dayS of purcahse. What a lie and what a RIPOFF.

Here is their disclosure: "We're sorry to hear you wish to leave eHarmony. You may cancel your subscription purchase at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of purchase to receive a full refund."

THAT SAME EVENING, I CANCELED after seeing I had just four matches. After completing their 30 minute questionairre, I discoverd that no one belongs to this site. The problem is, you don't know this until after you pay. Really, this site has goose eggs for matches. I immediately requested a refund.

Below is my first email.

Sun, Sep 9, 8:42 PM to subscriptions Please cancel the subscription for this email, [email protected], that I purchased today. There are virtually no choices for me on this site so it is not worth the money or time. Please confirm that you received this request. I sent the first email on 9/9, the first day of purchse.

I sent the 2nd email on 9/11 with no response. I sent it again on 9/18 with no response. I sent a third request on 9/20 with no response. I sent a fourth request on 10/20 stating I was going to post on Rip Off Report; still no response. All emails are time stamped and I have an email from the acknowledging they recieved my first email, but I have yet to get a refund. I have it all documented but they have not refunded me. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM EHARMONY. THEY HAVE NO MATCHES AND THEY WON'T REFUND YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE LIARS.

  • Jul 28, 2017

I called to cancel my account a week before my monthly renewal and they told me no problem and that i would not be charged again. while i was on hold with them they tried to charge my credit card. i know this because i got an email from my credit card company saying it was declined because it would have put my card over the limit. While i was on the phone cancelling they were tring to charge my account. I wasn't even due to be charged for another week...THAT IS DEFINITLY A RIPOFF!

  • Dec 5, 2016

When eHarmony raised its rates, finance kept debting my account each month and there is an Extend Your Membership Bar continually popping up of the down arrow and as a paying member, they would not honor my membership after over three or more years. So, I mbhad to verbally call and cancel before their next debit of December 4, 2016. After many email's to Customer Support, the situation was not handled. The eHarmony accounting would have just continued to take my money and Support knew it; but workimg for eHarmony, I guess there is nothing clerical can do with issues that are out of the norm.

  • Nov 1, 2016

I like many features of EH, but they also have a lot of deserved complaints. When I searched, it seems others haven't written on this yet. I found it misleading that there is a hidden cost--an extra payment to receive notifications--which in other matching sites is a built-in and expected feature. The EH communication process did not formerly operate this way, and the details of this feature are not made clear up front. I’ve pointed this out to the main office, but until a lot more people speak up, they’re unlikely to change it. Here’s what’s going on and why it’s problematic: • During the “guided communication” phase, there is a helpful sorting process for messages, where you can differentiate quickly between (a) persons who have written back and are awaiting a response, (b) persons who you wrote to and who haven’t yet responded, and (c) persons who deleted themselves from your inbox (declined further communication).

• But AFTER the guided communication phase, the helpful sorting ceases. It stops indicating “their turn…your turn.” New messages then do not show draw your attention. It says “new message” even if you were the last one to send a message. The photo and name in the inbox do not show any features that differentiate them from persons who have decided not to write back and may even have left the service. • You would expect some kind of change when a response comes, such as it going to the top of the list (and it would be easy for this change to be incorporated). This expected change in message status doesn’t happen because it would reduce the incentive of EH members to pay per person-of-interest to ensure a meaningful notification. You must pay $10 per person to designate a specific interest in someone, so that your continued correspondence will result in a notification. You have to click the box by “Yes, I want to know when [name] reads my messages.” Then you’re charged for it. Wouldn’t you expect that to be a built-in service, part of the already-paid-for package?

• You could decline this payment, and by doing so you would either miss the new messages or you would need to regularly re-check every person-of-interest you have corresponded with (past the guided communication), to see if they’ve written back yet. This is tedious and time-consuming if you have received multiple replies. In conclusion, the current setup does not take into much consideration the way communication often proceeds sporadically. There may be a break in communication due to any number of outside demands or competing interests. For example, say after a week or two of break due to intense work obligations or writing to a different person of interest, you write back to someone, wanting to correspond further. The recipient may have concluded you were probably disinterested. Unless that recipient paid for extra notification for your messages specifically, your new message might easily be unnoticed and never read. There are other problems, such as being matched up with profiles of people no longer using the service ( has the same problem).

People no longer using the service, or who created a profile but never paid, get an email (probably in most cases straight to their spam box) saying they received a message by an interested person. This is supposed to entice them to pay to sign up, because they can’t see any photos until they pay. Other reviewers have written about this, so I won’t go into detail. EH could simply use some indicator of those who haven’t logged on in the past 30 days (as some matching sites do), which would give the process a welcome transparency. I like many features of EH. They got a lot of aspects right, but they can do much better.

  • Aug 25, 2016

I joined eharmony looking to meet someone. I came across a profile that caught my attention. When reading through the profile I came across an email address the individual had put on there and all so stated that he didnt mind the direct approach. A few days later I sent and email introducing myself. I did receive and response from the individual saying that he was shocked and surprised to get my email as he had not been on the site for over 12months and he had cancelled his membership and profile. His profile and photo are still on the site. I have tried to cancel my subscription but the message that pops up states that I still have time on my subscription. No refund is offered for fraudulant services. I have paid for a matching service that has inactive profiles.

  • Jun 28, 2016

I joined Eharmony a month ago hoping just like everyone to find the love of my life. A week later, I noticed the matches weren't exactly what I want or am looking for so I went to read the Terms and Conditions and that is the ONLY place where it tells you there are no refunds or cancellations without paying for the full year. They also make you pay for the full year in the first 3 months, NO EXCEPTION.

At first I wasn't even mad about it, I was like I should have read that over. NOW, I AM PISSED. I called in last week to see if I could at least change my payment date as I was going through a financially hard time. I didn't say I didn't want to pay for the service, just asked if I could adjust the payment dates. The customer service rep just kept repeating: "You agreed to the terms."

I manage a company and its website. We do have company policies to help protect everyone involved but at times we do in fact make exceptions. I would NEVER tell the client, "It's our company policy, you should have read it." I still do my best to accommodate them within reason. I don't think my request to simply change the payment date was unreasonable.

I then wrote in as they said the only way that I could try to cancel is to do it in writing. So I did. They again are just telling me the same thing. I let them know in my original email that if they did not grant this cancellation of my membership and last 2 payments, that I would contact the BBB.

We see all of these great commercials making this company seem like they are genuinely trying to help people find their soulmates but really ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY. They don't care if you like the service or not. They don't give any customer service whatsover.

NEVER sign up for this dating site EVER!!! Don't do it. go read all the crazy Yelp reviews first. I wish I had before joining. Literally NOT one of the Yelp reviews is positive. And multiple people have been in litigation and in contact with the BBB. You have been warned!

  • Jun 25, 2016

I have read so many complaints about Eharmony. I must say it is the worst online dating site. You pay and get very little in service. You contact them to cancel and they tell you to read Terms and Conditions. Basically they have a 3 day window to cancel and get a full refund. After that you are on the hook for contract. I went days without receiving any profiles so I felt ripped off. In the terms and conditons eharmony does not guarantee you any amount of profiles you receive. HUH? EHARMONY refused my request to terminate my contract and told me I had no other options. THIS WAS A LIE. I READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. IN LEIU OF SUEING EHARMONY YOU GO THRU ARBITRATION AT THEIR COST!!! I EMAILED EHARMONY AND TOLD THEM I WANTED TO GO THRU ARBITRATION. I TOLD THEM IT WOULD BE CHEAPER FOR THEM TO REFUND MY MONEY AND CANCEL MY CONTRACT. 6 HOURS LATER THEY SENT ME A PARTIAL REFUND VIA PAYPAL AND CANCELED MY CONTRACT. I SENT THEM A SECOND EMAIL STATING I STILL WANTED ARBITRATION SINCE THEY ONLY GAVE ME A PARTIAL REFUND. 5 MINUTES LATER I GOT BALANCE OF MY TOTAL REFUND VIA PAYPAL. THE EMAIL FROM EHARMONY SAID THEY DON'T GIVE REFUNDS BUT DID AS A ONE TIME EXCEPTION. ARBITRATION USE IT!!!!!LOL

  • Jun 21, 2016

Fraudulent! Forced into paying installments and unable to cancel account despite no appropriate matches. They think their "terms and conditions" protect them, but there's nothing up front that states their installment policy.

  • Apr 9, 2016

Eharmony as everyone probably is aware, is marketed as an online dating site where singles can meet and they boast the highest number of marriages of any online site. What they fail to tell you in their marketing campaign is there site is also rampant with fraudulent profiles of people that don't actually exist.

i had joined Eharmony during a free communication weekend and within the first three days I was contacted by a person I was interested in, thus I signed up as a paying member and pay I did! $262 for a two year membership, as this was the best deal they offered. Within a week of my joining and communicating with this individual I was interested in, I learned this person was not who he said he was.

I'm not a foolish person so the only information this individual had on me other than what eharmony provides was my last name but that's enough for a person to go into the property appraiser's site in my county and obtain my address.

I had to hire a private investigation firm to track down this individual and ensure he wasn't a dangerous criminal that now knew where I lived. I contacted eharmony with the information and they removed this fraudulent persons profile stating they agreed he was a fraud but when it came to my request for a refund and removal of my information, they cited their 3 day cancellation policy and "safety tips" and denied any compensation.

i understand that no site can prevent all fraud however when you have 1,700 consumer complaints of the exact same thing happening within a week of a member signing up, they should ackowledge they have a problem and have the respect and decency to refund a member who they have agreed has been defrauded by another member on their site. As far as I am concerned they are money grubbing thieves that are aware they have a major problem with fraud and refuse to do anything about it. I believe a class action lawsuit should be filed and maybe then they would start caring about the people who trust their marketing claims.

  • Nov 27, 2015

I began service with eHarmony on or about 11/1/2015. Within two weeks of starting the service, I had a whole two matches both of which as it turns out were scammers. Not to mention, it seemed that the website did not work as intended and eHarmony was in complete control of who you could/could not contact on the system. Very poor experience with this website and customer service.

So on 11/13/2015 I contacted eHarmony via telephone and expressed my concerns and requested my account be cancelled and my money returned and all future payments cancelled. Below was their response:

Thank you for contacting eHarmony.

We understand that you have requested to close your account but have not completed all installation payments. As disclosed in our Terms and Conditions of service, your ability to cancel your membership will be available once the final installment has been paid. [continued below]....

  • Sep 17, 2015

I was recommeded to use eHarmony as a "better" dating site from a friend. I tried it for about a month and it was pretty awful. I figured that a paid dating site would have much better customer service and matches but sadly I was wrong. I signed up for a 3 payment deal for a fixed amount of time, but after having an extremely poor experience I wanted out of this. I made the first payment and I knew that I wouldn't recieve a refund for the next two payments so I attempted to cancel. Here is how the conversation went between me and "customer service":

Thank you for contacting eHarmony.

We understand that you have requested to close your account but have not completed all installation payments. As disclosed in our Terms and Conditions of service, your ability to cancel your membership will be available once the final installment has been paid. We ask that you please take a moment to review the Cancellation Policy outlined in our Terms and Conditions of Service. The Cancellation Policy can be found at the following link:

eHarmony is unable to guarantee the quantity, quality or type of matches a customer may receive as this is determined in large part by the specific settings/preferences a customer selects. We are also unable to guarantee a successful outcome from using our service, although, we have found that many members have successfully found the love of their life by using our service. We suggest that you give this process more time as it is a journey we believe works. There are new members joining and added to the eHarmony Community daily.

While our members may request closure of their accounts at any time, if there is an outstanding balance owed, eHarmony is under no obligation grant the request. As a result, we are unable to cancel your subscription at this time. Your account has 2 payments remaining, and is currently open and active and is set to expire on 08/15/2016. I have also confirmed that the auto-renewal feature on your account has been disabled.

As we have now carefully reviewed Customer Care’s original denial of your request and found it appropriate, this decision will be final. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any further consideration of your request.

Thank you for taking the time to try our service and we wish you all the best.

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