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Eddy Moquette

Country United States
State New York
City Bronx
Address 3470 Cannon Pl
Phone 718-440-6687

Eddy Moquette Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2016

First starting off eddy moquette seems like a good realter he takes you to see an apt and talks like everything is good. he says in a few days to give a deposit almost $2000 so no one gets a good apt but us. as soon as you give this realter the money he will never call you again or if you find him he has a story for you and is always tomorrow im going to meet you but he will not ever come. then we got to the limit so we went to his office and he is never there but we worked with someone else who tryed to help us but he was at least trying to be an honest realter and not a lier and thief.

we kept calling but if he ever picked up the phone he was telling lies about where to go get the money back. we work and $2000 is to much money to lose but he dont care and plays games. when we got tired of playing his game we called on him but it took so long to fing the correct place to call because is not the regular police to call is a diferent organisation but at last we got through and made the complaint. in less than one day he call us back and says this was happen with him with all other people to so we filled up the paper for the full complaint and ad it to the rest. God will do his work to bring justice to the working people he is always stealing from.

i know one day we get a letter and he will be finally in jail for stealing all the money from people an never pay it back no matter what and thats good enough for me because i sleep in peace not robbing people. beware of eddy moquette a realtor agent because so fer we have to other people who got stole from just like us. uf al together will pray for you but still eddy moquette you need to change it up because is gonna catch up with you before you can find a way out and then what. will be be sorry when they brng you in jail? but only sorry because you got punish for what you did is not right and we know is not over yet either eddy moquette.

we can see you soon you know where we are so come do the right thng and face the music you made for youself anyway and let it heal you soul for good.

all people trying to get a apartment or buy a home dont go with this realtor because you will be sorry so fast and back where you began with no new apartment and the money gone anyway.

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