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Edd Kirby's Adventure Mitsubishi

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Chattanooga
Address 400 W M.L.K. Blvd
Phone 1 706-278-1122

Edd Kirby's Adventure Mitsubishi Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2019

We purchased a 2017 Mazda3 Sport with 20,000 miles on it from them in August 3, 2019. I did extensive research on the car. They advertised the car for $7,000 to $8,000 under the Blue Book value. Later, we found out why.

We drove 2 hours to look at this car, because we thought we were getting a heck of a deal. When taking the car on a test drive, my wife and I noticed that it was awfully bumpy. We even said something to the salesman, Seth, about the bumpy ride, and he said it was because the roads in Chatanooga were bad. This would have been an opportune time for him to disclose to us the actual reason the ride was so bumpy, but he chose not to. Neither did the manager, Kergan. Or the finance manager.

Fast forward to October of 2019. I'm driving down the road, and all of the sudden I hear metal on metal with the rear brakes. No sign of the brakes starting to go bad, just all of the sudden metal on metal. I get out of the car to look at the brakes and notice that the rear tires are completely bald.

Needless to say, I was fuming. We'd had this car 2 months and the brakes were already shot and the tires completely bald. I figured it was either hub bearings or something going on with the suspension for this to have happened so suddenly. I called Edd Kirby's Adventure Cars numerous times before I could get ahold of anyone.

Every time I tried to get an extension, it'd ring to a voicemail that was full and could not take any more messages. Real professional. I finally got ahold of the finance manager who informed me that my car was still under Mazda's factory warranty. Funny he didn't tell us this when we bought it. It's almost like he did not want us taking the car to a Mazda dealership for servicing. Hmmmm...

I took the car to an actual Mazda dealership outside of Atlanta and told them what was going on. After sitting in the dealership all day, they come back to me and tell me that there is something wrong with the suspension, but the warranty doesn't cover it. Why? Because the former owner of the car had tampered with the suspension and lowered the car.

On top of that, the car came from a "salt belt" state, so the whole underbelly is a rusted mess. Yet we were not informed of any of these little details when we purchased the car. I called and spoke with a manager named Andrew. The whole time I'm on the phone with him, I hear people in the background cutting up like it's some sort of frat house.

Saying stuff like "Oooh. Look at Andrew doing his new manager job." He told me he needed to talk to his service manager and call me back. I told him this had nothing to do with his service manager, as I was not going to drive to Chatanooga to have their service department look at the car.

About two hours after speaking to Andrew a gentleman named Jimmy called me. Claimed he was the GM. He called the manager of the Chatanooga dealership and they agreed to pay for the brake repairs, and they would "work something out" with me, regarding them selling me a car with a tampered-with suspension. He told me he would call me the following day. I thanked him for paying for the brakes.

Before I left the Mazda dealership in Georgia, I asked the service manager how much it would cost to fix the suspension. He said the car is f**ked. He said it would never ride like it's supposed to, no matter what anyone does with the suspension. He and the manager of the dealership told me this car should have never been sold.

They told me that if someone had brought this car to their dealership in this condition, they would have given them fair market value, then sold it for scrap or sent it off for auction. They told me the best thing I could do is trade the car in and get whatever I can for it, before everything starts falling apart on it. They told me that fixing the brakes addressed a symptom, not the problem.

Like giving someone with a brain tumor an aspirin. What caused the brakes to go so fast and the tires to wear so fast was the messed up suspension, and that this was going to be an ongoing problem. They told me the reason that Edd Kirby's Adventure Cars sold the car at what seemed like was a discounted price is because they knew the car was a piece of crap, and they just wanted it off their lot. They said they thought this kind of dealership tactics were a thing of the past. Guess not...

Jimmy called me the next day. Their solution was to give me fair market on a trade in and get another car from them. Fair market value is $8,500 in the current condition of the car. We put $11,000 down. What kind of deal is that? And why would I drive all that way again to buy another jacked up car from these crooks?

He even tried to blame it on me by saying I should have known by looking at the car that the suspension was tampered with. How was I supposed to know?! I've never owned a Mazda. It's a small car, as it is. The real question is why didn't their jackleg saleman (Seth), manager (Kergan), and/or finance manager inform me of this? I would have never bought the car if they had. And they knew that, so they didn't.

Never buy an "as-is" preowned car. And never buy a car from Edd Kirby's Adventure Cars. I don't know if there is anything legal I can do about this, because of the stupid "as-is" clause, but beleive me; I am thoroughly looking into it.

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