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Ed Arenas Casting

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 59 N.W. 36th St.
Phone 818-807-0380

Ed Arenas Casting Reviews

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  • May 15, 2017


Has been partying, using, partying and pretending to be connected with the film industry for 20 years in Miami. He holds the single highest fines from SAG for keeping actors past their audition times and randomly decides when to show up for auditions that he has set up days in advance. Depending on his mood or inability to move. Actors have driven in from central Florida, 225 miles away only to find locked doors on EDWINS office. He regularly posts auditions for shows he has no affiliation with, in an attempt to get his name out in the South Florida Business. He also stole talent residuals from a Bacardi Rum commercial for over 156,000.00 and the feined innocence saying he had no idea how the money was in his checking account. A sociopath, narcisisstic, playboy he has ruined the miami entertainment landscape and continues his run his scams and lies.

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  • Dec 4, 2015

Ed Arenas Casting

While operating as a casting director in Miami Florida, Ed Arenas took talent payments from Ad Agency, Young and Rubicam that were designated as a holding fee for the actors in a Baccardi Rum ad.

Arenas was supposed to distribute this talent payment because he had all the Agents and Talent listed from the shoot. Instead he endorsed and placed the checks in his personal account. This must have been a very desperate time in his life. He was caught and in an effort to get this ugly situation rectified, Young and Rubicam asked the court to simply make Ed pay the talent rather than seek punitive damages.

Over 150,000.00 dollars were placed in the personal account of Mr. Ed Arenas. These were checks that were endorsed and deposited. After a court imposed mandate, Ed Arenas was forced to pay all taent and agent fees.


File Date: 5/31/2011

Amount Due: 156,080.00

Case Number: 08-71604 CA13

Document Number: J11000335088

Young and Rubicam vs Ed Arenas

This Unscrupulous act is what Florida and the Entertainment Industry need to stop. Why is talent victimized over and over by Dastardly Casting Directors who have their own agenda? Parties every Friday night, Classes with this one and that, Oscar nominated, who cares?!?!?

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