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Ed and MaryAnn Cowger

Country United States
State Alabama
City Cullman

Ed and MaryAnn Cowger Reviews

  • Apr 22, 2019

I can tell you first hand about what these people done to our church. They came in ,lied and schemed and the cowgers along with some of the other members spread a disgusting lie about our Pastor and me. This is the most revolting of all considering my Pastor and his wife are like my adopted parents and have been from the time i was 11 yrs old until now and Im 56.

They stole money and just flat out took hand outs and even let me go and get them 100 dollars worth of groceries with my food stamp card back when i needed them . My Pastors wife told me to think about it for a min. MaryAnn had her hair and nails done and their house was crammed full of antiques. They had money and I have a very giving heart. I am not ever sorry for feeding someone but when you later learn first hand that the people are snakes and this is not the first time theyve done this.

They took 2500.00 from my best friend Terri and her husband Bryan. Took 100 dollars everytime our Pastor was around they got to where they expeted it .They even ask bryan and terri again for more money. Bran is a trucker and he moved them here on his own. Everytime hed get a trip to texas he would get a load . Our church helped them get situated. Then they done the dispicable and spread lies about our precious Pastor ,caused a nasty church split and when MaryAnn's mother died a few days ago MaryAnn and Ed would not allow Anntte the beloved granddaughter to attend the funeral.

I ask Annette why not and she said because they owed her and her mother so much money..Annettes mother Joyce was MaryAnns sister . MaryAnn and Ed had her mother take out a reverse mortage on her home so they could pay off theirs. They took advantage of Joyce and her blind. Joyce bought two trucks for her dad who was a sneaky snake too and he passed way back. He was an abusive old man.

MaryAnn pretends to be something shes not and Ed is nothing more than a hypocrite and wolf in sheeps clothing. Annette told me that he got Tboned by a fed ex driver and now once again is getting a big chunk of money. Stealing ,lying, ruining a Pastors reputation and taking a church from people is right up there with the worst of the worst. God doesnt look to kindly on those who sow discord amoungst the bretheren. And dont let Ed Cowgers quiet speaking calm mild mannored fake personality win you over. This is not the real Ed. The real Ed is a snake.

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