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Country United States
State Texas
City Rhome
Address ECS P.O. Box 651
Phone (866)373-3474
Website Reviews

  • Nov 25, 2017

Let’s start off with their so called AGED CORPS THRU their company You will speak to a completed jerk named Billy Mathews that will promise you the world then act like you are bothering him after you pay. I payed 2495.00 for aged corp which is supposed to come with tradeline buildout and some funding from his imaginary lenders. 4 months in and neither was done I pulled Equifax business credit report and nothing on there and he said my file is with Mike and Jonathon and they don’t care if history reports to bureau. Complete lie. I asked him what bank it’s with 50 times he never answered,

he doesn’t collect a back end because there is no back in it’s just bait. I tried to use Corp on my own and new company I dealt with did a investigative report on Corp and what they discovered is his scam......So here’s what the thief Billy Mathews does.. He claimed he sold me a Corp 37 years old established in 1980 however the Corp was dissolved in 1991 therefore inactive until he transferred it to me in August 2017 so it is not aged it’s only as old as the reinstatement date. If he were truthful and did build out credit history it would be red flagged since business has been dissolved for 26 years. NO LENDER WILL LEND ON THIS.

If you incorporate yourself a brand new Corp it would the same thing he’s selling for 2500.00 that’s he picks up for free or pennies on dollar since corps are dead and not used or needed. A real aged corp had remained I. Good standing with no dissolution during any period. If you would like to discuss further about his scam contact me direct at 248-843-5300. Disregard any of Billy Mathews response to this as it is just lies. His CPN package is worthless as well don’t invest!!!! He is a scumbag that will steal your money and pretend you don’t exist after.

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