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Ecs Payments

Country United States
State California
City Rancho Santa Margarita
Address 30352 Esperanza
Phone 888.327.2860

Ecs Payments Reviews

  • Sep 2, 2015

Tom came into our business and highly pressured us to sign a lease for an atm. He said we could review everything in 6 months, and if it wasn't working out, the atm and agreement were transferable. However, we had to decide THAT DAY, or not at all. This was in 2012, so I WISH I had looked up his name then... but now that I think about it he didn't leave his business card with us until after we agreed to sign the lease. He said the bank wouldn't want the ATM in here if it wasn't working out, anyway. He LIED. He also didn't allow me time to read through the lease... just said it was a bunch of corporate stuff. Now I know better. Well, we called after 6 months, after 7 months, a year later. He never returned any calls. Now his phone is disconnected and he cannot be reached at all. We are stuck paying $170 for a 60 month lease for an ATM that never gets used, and we don't want anymore. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN! He is a very good LIAR.

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