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ecoNugenics, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Santa Rosa
Address 396 Tesconi Court
Phone 800-308-5518

ecoNugenics, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 23, 2015

I read the article written by the founder, Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc talking about detoxing and how their products are all natural.

I have allergies plus a severe allergic reaction to shellfish and certain dyes. I have an epi pen and have been rushed to emergency because my throat closes up. I received my items yesterday and today tried to take them.

When I placed the order, I spoke extensively with their sales person explaining my issues and I asked about the size of the capsules and what was in them. She said they were less than .5 and all natural. Neither was true.

I immediately started choking. I eventually gagged them up.

Their policy - printed on the paper, states all return items subject to 15% restocking fee. And no returns after 30 days. It said nothing about if the products had been opened.

I called to inquire about returning the product and the sales person confirmed it did not say I could not return opened items.

Someone named Bonnie Freese called me back and told me to put them in applesauce. I told her my body responds to items I am allergic to. She then told me they were all natural but they could not guarantee it.

She was hostile and would not tell me what I needed to do to return the items and get my funds back. When I asked what organizations they belonged to with the intent of filing a complaint - she abruptly ended the call. It was ugly.

Warning: They are tryiing to sell products - they can't guarantee whether the products are natural or not but they say they are.

Stay away from this company - obviously their ingredients aren't all natural. They say they are - but they can't guarantee it and it you push them on it they will admit it. Plus they have lousy customer service.

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