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Economical Insurance

Country Canada
City Waterloo, Ontario
Address Westmount Road South, P.O. Box 2000
Phone 1-800-265-2180

Economical Insurance Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2017

Rowan Saunders Economical Insurance Worst CEO along with he previous CEO Karen Gavan. There customer service people are worst unfortunately I am at Day 7 and there hasn't been an appraiser to see my car yet. The basically steered me to go to a "preferred shop" by claiming that my repair claim wont be guaranteed or that I may not be fully covered and extra prices might be charged to me. So I went with the shop that they suggested and when I received the car it was so poorly reassembled and they didn't do all the work. They also used a non-certified aftermarket part even though I was told verbally that it would all be OE and everything would be fixed to my satisfaction. They played the "You signed the agreement" card to try to wipe their hands clean. When I complained the insurance company told me I was ungrateful and selfish for complaining. They didn't take my complaint seriously until I told them that I was forced to go there and that if they don't restore my car to pre-accident condition that I would be following suit for both them steering me to a preferred shop and approving non certified parts onto my car. Not long after they agreed.

I know its mostly the body shop I went to that should be blamed but I have to blame the insurance company for forcing me to go there and not taking responsibility and pushing the blame over to me. I have since changed companies and even though most companies are the same the one I am with now is a little better. Remember to always go to a dealership with their own body shop that only uses OEM parts. NEVER agree to use a preferred shop. Please call your friends everyone just leave them and Call Rowan Saunders and complain at 1800 265-2180.

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